One day before my 27th birthday

Yesterday I turned 27, two years passed my favorite age and hopefully still far from death.

For me in my own world, my age has stopped counting since two years ago. I want to believe and feel–and look–like I’m forever 25 even though I haven’t been bitten (nor kissed) by a vampire.

25 for me was the best age. People said life begins at 30 or 40, I haven’t been both, for me that couldnt be true unless you’re George Clooney, who still looked like 27 in his 40s. Everybody has different favorite age, for me it’s 25 because during teenage years, even though we have the fitness vitality, we’re still emotionally unstable compared to the mid 20s.

My wake-up call in life occurred at 25, where I totally stop being socially dependent on friends or guys and have become more money-wise compared to when I first started making money. Every year, I always try to do new things in life and improve my self, I am happy that none of my 20s so far has been boring, there’s always new things that I did. But my 25 is special for me. I’ve tried many things at 25 and was not even afraid to fail as for me it’s better to fail at young age than feeling dissatisfied in old age. Also, because I was (and still am) not married yet, I had total freedom and financial asset to try and do things I wanted in order to really discover who I am and what I really want in life, I didn’t need to care nor to share, only when I wanted to (luckily, my parents and family don’t need me to help to support them). At my 25, I’ve stopped caring about others’ opinions towards me and stopped following trends. I’ve become more immune to people’s disagreements as I am the one who’s gonna live my life anyway.

By the way, I found this chart on ages we peak at everything throughout life. According to this chart, I’ve passed the peak age for female attractiveness. This hurts, haha, but hopefully it doesn’t apply to me like it doesnt apply to Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, seriously those women still look like the first time they appeared in show business!

And after this age, I will be supposedly in the best age for running a marathon! Haha, really? TV series marathon I think… Anyway, I’m still so excited about turning 27, because of my turning-point in my 25, 27 doesn’t feel old at all. Especially because many people still ask whether I am still in college if they first meet me. Lol! I don’t know whether I really look younger or they were just being nice. But if I do, maybe that’s because I keep believing and feeling that I’m 25. Like it or not, I’m forever 25!

25 y.o me

DIY Tutorial: Handmade Tissue Cover

thumbnail tissue

Hi everyone!

Here’s a super easy DIY project that you can try at home, palingan cuma butuh waktu 20 menit untuk membuatnya. BTW, I am making a series of sewing tutorial to decorate your living room buat persiapan lebaran nanti nih, siapa tau ada yang mau make-over ruang tamu keluarga, hehe 😀

Follow the tutorial series on my youtube channel , and for this Tissue Cover Tutorial Video, click here.

Selamat mencoba, keep calm and sew on 😀

The Most Interesting People

Don’t we all want to be interesting or at least to look interesting?

Well, the definition of ‘interesting’ is subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the be(er)holder for sure. Some may call other people ‘interesting’ if only either they’re famous, successful, rich, or good looking. For me, what can keep me amazed with a person–who doesn’t need to be famous, could be my friend, or people I just met–is when I can see how much she/ he believes in what she/ he does.

Because, for me personally, if success or wealth is what makes people fascinating, well there are a lot of successful, wealthy people, but still some of them look boring to me. I also don’t think it’s about the kind of job one’s having. Two people can have the same job but one may look more fascinating than the other. Or in other case, a person can have the most boring job, but really, they’ve touched me in some ways.

I see the similarity that these people have, from artists, accountants, writers, pilots, teachers, even a supermarket customer service. They all believe in what the do, a musician like John Lennon who believed in what he sang and created. You can compare the sparks in his eyes when he sang or talked about his music to any other singers who sing just to sing because that’s what they have to do to be famous, who only sing what other people wrote for them. Compare writers who write because and what they believe than writers who write just to make money. Lecturers who teach because they love teaching than lecturers who are doing their job only to support their lives. These fascinating people put their souls into their works, and it shows, then touches others.

I think that’s what interests me most about other people. I love knowing people but I get bored easily if I see he/ she has no interests/ obsessions/ passions in anything. I was amazed with my colleagues in my previous job when I listened to them discussing about types of frogs for one hour. Seriously, I’ve never met people who could talk that long only about frogs and who cares about frogs that much. The topic was not my taste of course but I was amazed that I just kept listening to them. I want to be able to talk like that about something. If I cant talk that passionately about my job, then maybe what I am doing is not the right thing. If I cant talk about what I am doing that long and passionately, means my works won’t be good. Because in the end, the works won’t lie about the artist.

From Break-ups to Break-ups

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.56.12 PM

I’ve experienced several break-ups so far, still can be counted with one hand but no one knows whether my number will increase or close for the last. Break-up sucks no matter if we had been waiting for it before it happened, still it leaves us a feeling of lost, failure, and ugliness of reality; how come someone that used to be so close, that I always talked to everyday, someone that I (thought I) knew like the back of my hand now becomes so strange and we avoid each other.

I started dating a bit late, not only because I was a late bloomer and awkward geek (maybe I still am), but also because I thought I could plan when and whom I would marry. I thought someone who I dated first would be my husband, I thought I’d played safe to wait until certain age, not like my friends who started dating since middle school. After my first relationship failure, I really didn’t want to have more break-ups, but I still got some. I hated those failures, looking at my friends who already tied the knots, meanwhile I was (or am) still wondering where I would land. It took several break-ups and years until I can see them not as failures, but blessings in disguise. I am grateful for those break-ups, even if they’re painful and ugly and cost three boxes of tissue papers for each, sometimes not only tissue but also unnecessary expensive getaways and impulsive spendings. I am thankful I am not married yet, I am not saying this to make other people who are already married feel bad, things happen differently for us, I am happy if you’re happy, but this what I learned FOR ME. Without those failed relationships, I wouldn’t have been in this state of mind and able to see things as clearly as I am now. Some may have found it early, some are just like me who are in the latter group.

I learned many things from the failures about my self and life. Being in a relationship is not merely learning about other people, it’s mostly about learning our selves, what we lack, what we need to work on, finding out what we really want and need in life and another person, how strong and decisive we could/ should be and many more.

  1. You complete yourself

The most valuable thing I’ve learned after several break-ups and accumulated seven years of failed relationship is that setting marriage as the only main goal in life is the most dangerous and stupid thing a girl can do, she is slowly killing her self. She trades herself for something uncertain. For several years and in some relationships, my decisions were based on the relationship goals I was in. Different partner, different path. I quit things I was enjoying because they could hamper our relationship goals, I started things I was not really sure for the man I was with. I became someone I was not just to show them I was the perfect obedient wife candidate as they said they wanted to have. And when the relationship ended, what did I get? What was I left with? I was always left with NOTHING to hold on nor to be proud of. I wanted to be mad at the guys, but more I was mad with my self, why did I let other people make decisions for me? Why did I base my decisions about my future on other people’s assessments? And why didn’t I directly realize? Why did it take some failures and up to seven years for me to eventually learn??

Only I can give my dreams to me. Being dependent on others to realize your dreams is the best way to ruin your life. You can’t love other people if you can’t love your self first. You cant find other person if you cant find your self. You will never be ready to understand other people if you haven’t understood yourself.

To be honest, I really dislike hearing girls who only want to get married, have kids, and don’t have other goals in life. But sadly I used to be one of them. If one of my past relationships had succeeded to marriage, and I had been married before I really understood why I wanted to get married and what a marriage is, I would have been lost for a longer time without really knowing who I really was and being dependent on other people to give me happiness and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been happy. Those were forced happiness. The best scenario was to have kids, raise them, but then when they’re old enough for school, I would have been still back to the feeling of emptiness in my soul, because I hadn’t finished with my self-discovery. What if he cheated and left me after that? What if he died all of a sudden? Then I would have been left with nothing again beside the stereotypes of widowed woman in this somewhat cruelly judgemental country. I believe that if one cant be happy with his/ her self, he/she cant find happiness in that relationship either.

I want to be able to stand on my own feet. When I get married, I don’t want to only be proud of partner’s success, I want to be proud of my self too. Seriously, people should stop telling young girls to just find a successful man to marry and spend his money. Start teaching girls to be successful on herself and shop with her own money.

  1. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

Break-ups taught me that no matter how it seemed to be right in the beginning, how much we believed the person would be our soul mate, if it’s not meant to be, it’s still not going to happen no matter how hard you tried to make it work. Most of the times, we don’t end up with the person we thought was our soulmate, and that’s okay.

  1. You’re not irreplaceable, he is either

The ugly reality about break-up doesn’t end when you or he said to break up. It’s what happens after the break-up that’s slowly hurting you to the bones. You will have to accept the fact that somebody else is gonna take your place, got his attention that you used to have, smell his perfume that you used to know, live your broken dreams of being together with him, and it’s not your hair anymore that he’s gonna play with during conversation. His phone lock screen will be filled with other woman’s photo. You cannot expect him to be mourning all the time while you yourself are trying to move on. You’ll start over with someone new (only if you give yourself the chance) as well. You’re going to replace his place too with someone else. In the end it’s just life, people move on.

  1. Being single is better than being in a miserable relationship

The pictures of being alone and lonely sometimes scare us. We’re always haunted by thoughts that we could not find somebody else that would love us more than him/ her. Hence, we tend to hold things or person for too long when we’re supposed to let them go. Actually we can only see if the box is not fit only after we get out of the box.


Believing in Talent is a Trap

I used to believe in talent, now I’ve stopped. Believing that we’re born better (in some specific fields) than others is as dangerous as believing that we’re less gifted than others.

It is very human that we like to hear only what we want to hear and what we want to hear is that we’re special and other people are ordinary. One might deny it in words, but believes it in hearts.

In my childhood, I was always compared to my brother’s academic achievements, especially in math. I was actually doing fine, I always got good scores and got into top schools and, but my brother always got the best. He represented the province in national championship in elementary school. Hence I believed that I was less gifted in academics. I wanted to move to different school so that I didn’t have to keep up with teachers’ expectation.

As my revenge, I believed I was more gifted than him in other fields. Besides, actually among my classmates, I did well. I felt that I got lucky many times because I rarely studied but always passed the exams safely and sometimes better than others. It started a coincidence then I kept it as a habit. I didn’t like to work hard, I would be as lazy and laid-back as possible just to see how I could still nail it smoothly without even trying, I was proud of it. I teased my friends who were trying to study. I laughed at my friends who were working hard for their goals. I was not alone. I noticed some of the top students in schools had this similar syndrome; taking everything for granted.

But now at this age, in any fields, it’s not my friends whom I thought were talented that are successful today, it’s they who didn’t stop doing and working hard are. They didn’t start with a mile, they started with small steps. Who’d known that their small steps have almost reached the top? But people who I envy most are people who are living my dream; working in creative fields, growing their names in it. I felt betrayed. Not by other people, but by myself.

I felt like, “It’s supposed to happen to me, not to them! How could this happen? What did I miss?”

And you know what I missed?? I missed thousands of days and nights of practice, learning and working on making it to reality. Days and nights which were supposed to use to focus on things I called passion, I wasted for distractions, I wasted on following what other people told me my life should be. I thought that my dreams would still be handed to me without me chasing it. But the world doesn’t work that way.

I looked at my friend who has published some books. Others represented the country in theater. A colleague that used to be ‘invisible’ now can produce wedding gowns.

I won’t be able to be a fashion designer like I’ve always wanted to be unless I start learning how to sew and fashion design. It can’t happen overnight.

Far too often, we believe that our abilities are innate. In other case, we give up many opportunities just because we believe we don’t have the talent for it. “I wasn’t born with the gift of drawing.” Or “I’m not a born leader. Or “I can’t be a writer, I can’t write.”

Without we realize, it’s the ‘myth’ that holds us back, not our ability. People think that the skills in art are based on talent, if you’re not born an artist, you cant be an artist. If that is true, then why drawing techniques and methods exist? Why Mariah Carey still keeps her singing practice until now?

Talent is overrated. Artists are made, not born.

Moving to West Sumatra for Beginners 3 — In the Name of Gengsi

Gw ingat dulu pernah nonton wawancara band Nidji waktu mereka lagi booming. Giring si vokalis yang mengaku mempunyai darah keturunan Minang mengaku kalo pengalaman tampil di Sumbar adalah yang paling memiliki tantangan untuk menghidupkan suasana. Inget dong gimana enerjiknya si Giring ini kalo di panggung. Katanya, dia hampir mati kutu karena udah satu jam jejingkrakan di atas panggung tapi penonton tidak ada yang bergoyang, anggota band saling berpandangan satu sama lain bertanya apa ada yang salah. Setelah sekian lama akhirnya penonton ikut bergoyang sedikit, itupun hanya kepala doang, ya lumayan lah. Di wawancara tersebut Giring bilang yang kurang lebih seperti ini, “Tampil di Padang ini challenging banget karena orang Minang gengsinya tinggi untuk ikutan bergoyang, kita jadi sempet gak pede, apa mereka gak suka penampilan kita. Padahal penonton rame dan makin lama makin rame.”

Seorang kenalan gw yang seorang DJ dan sudah beberapa kali tampil atau hanya sekedar main di klub malam di kota Padang bilang kalo ‘orang Padang panasnya lama, dance floor lama ramenya’.

Hhhmm… gw belum pernah ke night club atau pun konser di Sumbar sih, jadi belum pernah menyaksikan sendiri gimana situasi pergoyangan. Palingan kalo di kondangan ada music-musik gitu. Emang jarang juga sih yang naik ke panggung dan joget-joget. Tapi bukannya di tempat lain juga begitu?

Yang gw pernah cuma nonton acara stand-up comedy Raditya Dika dan beberapa talkshow waktu kuliah dulu. Audience yang hadir banyak dipuji para pembicara lewat twitter, apalagi Raditya Dika sampai beberapa kali twit hanya untuk memuji gimana asiknya audience di Sumbar. Well, mungkin untuk perjogetan, it’s not their cups of tea, hehe.

Selain masalah perjogetan, gengsi di Sumbar yang gw liat adalah tentang tempat perhelatan sebuah acara, biasanya pernikahan. Meskipun ada gedung-gedung hall atau GSG yang cukup memadai, kebanyakan masih memilih untuk melakukan pesta di rumah. Di Lampung dan Pekanbaru, untuk menunjukkan gengsi dan karena gak mau repot, pesta pernikahan umumnya di GSG atau hotel. Di Sumbar yang menurut gw menarik adalah kebalikannya. Keluarga yang sebenernya mampu (dan kadang malah sangat mampu) untuk bayar sewa gedung lebih memilih pesta di rumah dengan alasan “nanti kita disangka gak punya rumah” atau “takut disangka gak mampu bangun rumah sendiri, nanti disangka orang selama ini kita numpang”. Menarik sih alasannya, karena berbeda, tapi gengsi tersebut juga berpotensi menyebabkan kemacetan dan kerugian transportasi buat public yang lain. Keluarga besar gw sendiri sering gw kritik karena beberapa kali egois menutup jalan raya yang ada di depan rumah, mana pake back-up polisi segala, “Gengsi yang lebih penting buat dipelihara itu gengsi buat gak ngerepotin orang lain, bukan gengsi pamer nama besar keluarga.” Alhamdulillah berujung kena semprot.

Selain masalah tempat, gengsi juga ditunjukkan lewat durasi pesta. Semakin lama pestanya, apalagi sampai berhari-hari, semakin bergengsi.

Masalah perantauan juga kenal gengsi, banyak yang pantang pulang kampung kalo belum berhasil karena takut dihina, padahal yang ngehina juga gak mau ngasih bantuan. Rumah keluarga menjadi simbol gengsi. Orang-orang yang sudah lama merantau banyak yang membangun rumah keluarga di kampung walaupun mereka sendiri gak tinggal di kampungnya. Berbeda benar dengan kebanyakan teman-teman gw yang chinese yang memilih untuk tinggal di rumah yang sederhana, perabotannya juga banyak yang vintage, tapi buat mereka yang lebih penting jumlah uang di tabungan dan jalan ke luar negeri. Teman saya yang chinese pernah bilang, “Gak masalah gimana tempat lw tinggal, yang penting sejauh mana lw udah pernah melangkah.”

Orang-orang di Sumbar pun sering mengakui kalo mereka emang gengsi tinggi, tapi yang membuat gw surprised adalah bahwa mereka mengaitkan gengsi dengan masalah perut. Sering banget gw dikasih tau, “Semiskin-miskinnya orang Minang, mana mau makan selain nasi.” Wah gw baru tau kalo nasi adalah gengsi, padahal gak ada yang bakal tau juga sumber karbohidrat lw darimana. Gak cuma sampe situ, mereka kadang juga sampe spesifik ke merk dan harga berasnya segala. Wow, rasanya gw telah bertemu dengan Nasi Fans Club terbesar di dunia.

Tulisan ini adalah sambungan dari tulisan sebelumnya. To understand more about my background, read here. I re-state, this is purely based on personal experience and perspective (yaiyalah namanya aja tulisan di blog), hence, this doesn’t solely describe all Minangnese.


You are what you comment on Lambe Turah

Lambe Turah adalah salah satu akun Instagram Indonesia dengan jumlah followers dan akun imitasi terbanyak. Kalo ada yang belum tau Lambe Turah ini akun tentang apa, ini adalah akun yang ibaratnya fenomenanya Gossip Girl a la Indonesia. Gosip adalah salah satu komoditi yang paling banyak diminati hampir semua kalangan dan gossip yang diberitakan di Lambe Turah terasa berbeda dibanding apa yang bisa kita dapatkan di TV karena beberapa hal:

  1. Akun tersebut anonymous, sehingga akun ini gak perlu menjaga norma kesopanan seperti acara-acara gossip di TV. Kalo acara gossip di TV, ada muka-muka hostnya yang terpampang, jadi kasian kalo mereka dijadikan tumbal penulis script di belakang layar.
  2. Lambe Turah sepertinya bagian dari inner circle public figures di Indonesia sehingga dia bisa mendapatkan berita dan rekaman video (kadang candid, kadang gak) yang kadang sifatnya private.
  3. Banyak followers Lambe Turah yang merasa terhibur dengan gaya bahasa si admin akun yang membuat kosa-katanya sendiri.

Karena kesuksesan akun ini, banyak akun-akun serupa yang mengimitasi jenis konten dan gaya bahasanya.Dari sebegitu banyaknya akun imitasi, yang asli (pelopor) kemungkinan adalah yang mempunyai followers dia angka 2 juta. Kadang saya berfikir sebenarnya mungkin mereka ini jaringan admin yang sama, karena dengan semakin banyaknya akun, mereka jadi bisa meraup keuntungan sebanyak-banyaknya dari tariff paid promote. Jangan anggap remeh tariff yang dipasang akun-akun seperti Lambe Turah, Lambe Lamis, Tante Rempong, Dagelan, dll. Karena saya menjalankan online shop, saya sendiri pernah survey harga tariff paid promote di akun-akun tersebut, harganya berkisar dari 25rb per posting sampai 5 juta per satu kali publish, tergantung dari jumlah followers akun tersebut berapa, kadang malah ditentukan berapa lama post tersebut akan di-keep di akun social influencers itu.

Saya, walaupun sudah bermain Instagram dari tahun 2009, malah baru mengetahui tentang si jenis-jenis Lambe ini pada akhir tahun 2016 kemaren dari teman-teman saya, padahal akun tersebut sudah ada cukup lama sebelum itu. Waktu teman-teman saya bercerita, saya jadi merasa tertinggal karena gak ngerti bahan pembicaraanya, saya jadi penasaran dan lalu terjun ke TKP. Teman-teman saya memberi wejangan tentang Lambe Turah for Dummies, yaitu adalah: “Baca comment2nya. Lo gak akan ngerti tentang gosipnya kalo lo gak baca bagian comment. Bagian terseru di Lambe Turah adalah commentnya.” Ok, noted.

Waktu saya membuka akun-akun gossip tersebut, menurut saya ya… memang sih beberapa berita yang dia punya kesannya gress karena candid dan private, tapi yah, tipikalnya entertainment news lah, yaitu lebay (ya namanya jualan gossip, pasti lebay) dan gak ada hubungannya dengan kehidupan kita (apa coba untungnya bagi saya untuk tau kalo si artis A baru aja beli sandal jepit baru buat anaknya? Atau si artis B baru aja selese nemenin pacarnya potong rambut). Saya sering bingung membaca konten akun-akun ini, bukan karena gaya bahasanya, tapi saya bingung artis yang digosipin ini siapa, apakah beneran artis ato bukan, karena saya udah lama gak nonton TV jadi yang saya tahu cuma sampe angkatan Raffi Ahmad. Saya kalah jauh dari orang tua saya yang hapal sampe ke nama orang tuanya Raffi Ahmad segala. Hehe, miris ya saya ini.

Karena kebingungan, saya mengikuti wejangan teman-teman saya, yaitu baca comment section. Dan ternyata… wow, bagian paling shocking dari Lambe Turah and the ganks adalah memang bagian comment nya! Kenapa?? Karena konten Lambe Turah hanya mencoba mengungkap personalities selebritis yang cuma segelintir dan itu-itu aja, sedangkan di comment section, beribu-ribu atau mungkin berjuta orang—yang mayoritasnya bukan dari kalangan seleb—mengumbar kepribadian mereka yang sebenarnya! The comment section really reveals how incredibly intolerant and heartless people can be!

Ada yang berkelahi sampai bikin gank segala, namanya Balajaer dan Balanemo (saya gak tau pasti mereka ini apa, tapi kayaknya sejenis Bonek gitu deh. Kenapa gak ada BalaPaus ya? Kan lebih sangar gitu namanya kalo buat berantem), ada yang jadi Dewi Kwam Im, mencoba memberi cahaya perdamaian dan kerap kali gagal, malah dia jadi ikutan berantem. Ada yang jualan krim pelangsing, penghilang jerawat, sampe pembesar payudara (gimana coba logikanya cream yang dioles di permukaan kulit bisa merangsang pertumbuhan lemak dan otot di dalam tubuh?? Besok2 anak bayi dioles krim aja daripada dibeliin dan dikasih makanan bergizi, biar bayinya jadi semok). Dan salah satu yang paling banyak adalah yang menghujat si para selebritis ini. Kadang sebenernya berita tersebut gak pantes dihujat juga sih, tapi orang-orang merasa berkewajiban aja gitu untuk merespon negatively terhadap apa yang diposting di akun-akun ini. Contohnya aja di salah satu posting tentang seorang seleb yang lagi belajar fashion design dan menggambar mengikuti contoh gambar model yang asli. Ini contoh comment yang saya screenshot.

Luar biasyak! Mereka bilang menggambar itu gampang! Kalo semua orang memang sejago ngomong mereka tentang menggambar, kita semua sudah jadi Leonardo Da Vinci dan Indonesia bakalan kebanjiran penerus Affandi! Yang namanya belajar menggambar memang dari mencontoh objek, tidak selalu harus hanya dari imajinasi. Bahkan Nick Verreos pun, salah satu educator fashion design ternama di dunia yang juga juri di Project Runway, menjelaskan metode yang sama. Yang hebat adalah orang-orang yang komen negative di postingan tsb.

Salah satu contoh lain adalah screenshot komen berikut yang saya ambil dari postingan tentang salah satu seleb yang sedang sakit parah, seleb ini terkenal karena keseksiannya dan postingan tersebut adalah si seleb di atas tempat tidur rumah sakit yang fotografinya diambil oleh salah satu fotografer socialite yang lagi naik daun, di foto itu si seleb memegang kaca dan lipstick seolah berdandan, dan terlihat (sepertinya) hanya memakai selimut rumah sakit.

Banyak yang komen mendoakan kesembuhan si artis tapi gak sedikit juga yang menghujat karena si seleb masih saja tampil vulgar. Kalau mereka berpendapat menutup aurat lebih baik dan terhormat, ya gak ada salahnya sih, itu kan hak mereka untuk berfikiran apa, tapi—terlepas dari pendapatnya benar ato gak—bandingkan bagaimana cara orang-orang ini menyampaikan criticism yang sama, mana yang lebih constructive?

Bukan cuma akun-akun gossip ini yang keramaian penghujat. Akun-akun seleb juga ramai komentar-komentar tanpa hati. Mereka menghina ketidaksempurnaan fisik si artis, gaya berpakaian, orang tua, sampai masa lalu si artis. Contohnya saya ambil di akun instagram Marshanda, si seleb ini belakangan mengunci kolom comment di beberapa foto yang dia rasa akan mengundang hujaters berkumpul. Marshanda pernah beberapa kali mengalami perubahan berat badan dan terlihat lebih berisi. Hellooww… did anyone forget that she already gave birth to a daughter? What’s wrong with being fat or skinny? It’s not a sin! God doesn’t judge you by the shape of your body. How you treat others is the one that matters. Kalo saya sih, untuk menghina fisik seorang Marshanda, saya ngaca dulu dan memastikan kaca tersebut gak pecah. Untuk saya, puncak tercantik saya pun masih gak akan menang cantik dari rock bottom nya Marshanda. Bukannya ngerendah ya, tapi emang realistis. Terlepas dari sifat seorang Marshanda bagaimana, Marshanda lagi ngorok atopun lagi ngeden juga palingan tetep aja lebih cantik dari foto saya setelah difilter camera 360 sebanyak 5 kali. Tapi saya belum pernah liat muka Marshanda lagi ngorok ato ngeden sih, tapi saya udah pernah liat muka saya setelah diedit camera 360 sebanyak 5 kali, gimana mau cantik, idung aja hilang!

Did these people forget that these celebs are also ordinary humans, they go through some phase in their life just like us and they cant keep being flawless all the time.

Tidak semua komen yang ada di akun-akun ternama ini isinya jelek-jelek dan hujatan, ada juga yang neutral dan constructive. Tapi untuk membuktikan sendiri komposisi mana yang lebih banyak, lebih baik kalian datangi sendiri.

Komen-komen yang seperti ini mengundang saya untuk stalking ke akun-akun dewa-dewi hujat ini. Dan seringnya, persona di akun instagram pribadi memang sangat menipu, apa yang di tampilkan di akun pribadi jauh berbeda dengan jenis dan konten comment di akun orang lain yang terkenal. Kalau hanya melihat akun instagram pribadi, pasti kita tidak menyangka kalo orang-orang ini sanggup melontarkan komentar-komentar barbar seperti itu. Ada yang kelihatannya wanita/ pria baik-baik, sopan, captionnya selalu bijak a la motivator, bahkan ada yang sudah menjadi parents. Ada juga yang pekerjaannya seorang guru (dia cantumkan di bio IGnya, salah satu dari pemilik comment yang saya capture ini adalah seorang guru). Seriously?? You are a teacher, man! Apparently these people believe that just because they’re not famous then they can just verbally abuse and harass people like that, just because they’re famous. They can read your comments too. And what makes you think these famous people are immune from negativity?

Bukan selebnya yang sebenarnya terbuka aibnya, tapi para komentatornya. Orang-orang yang tadinya saya gak tertarik untuk melihat akunnya, jadi tersinggahi karena komen yang julid dan destructive. Ya ampun mak, padahal akun pribadi pencitraannya ibarat ibu peri!

Yang lucunya juga, jadi di instagram itu, ketika kita membuka suatu post, dari sekian banyak komen, instagram sendiri sudah memfilter agar yang tampak oleh kita sebelum kita expand commentnya adalah comment2 dari either orang yang terkenal atau orang yang ada hubungannya dengan kita, contohnya teman-teman kita di instagram. Nampaknya gak semua orang sadar tentang hal ini ya, alangkah kagetnya saya ketika berkali-kali menemukan komen dari beberapa teman-teman soc-med saya yang berkecimpung di kolom rumpi, mending kalo sekadar nimbrung, ini ikutan menghujat juga. Padahal setau saya orang-orang ini elegan dan keibuan/kebapakan, ternyata bukan cuma strangers saja yang terbuka sifatnya, tapi juga orang yang dikenal/ teman kita sendiri!

However, I believe in the freedom of speech, they have rights to say whatever they like, just like how I have rights to write anything I like or believe in. Hence, when we think something is incorrect about one’s posts, commanding him/her to stop having opinion or write what she/he thinks is not something I believe to be done. Karena seberapa pun buruknya mereka menghina si artis, saya gak punya hak untuk menyuruh mereka berhenti menggunakan mulut dan fikirannya, yang saya bisa adalah menawarkan alternatif lain dengan cara yang tidak sama. Pedang dibalas dengan pedang, pena dengan pena.