28 Things in 28 Years

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Yesterday I just turned 28, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME..!

My 27 was so great, and some checklists were accomplished but the journey is still long. I feel fulfilled most of it because I started doing what I love, less stress, met interesting people and had new experiences. I am establishing my fashion brand, RAYU, which I’ve never thought I could be as I didn’t have a good support system in my closest surrounding when I was growing up.

Here are the 28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years wandering in this planet. Doesn’t mean they should be applied to other people’s lives, I’m just sharing these values and principles I hold.

  1. Everything happens for a reason.

There’s nothing such as coincidence, there must be reasons for everything. There are reasons why I wrote this, why you’re reading this, why we met and haven’t met somebody, etc. Most of the time we don’t find the reason right away, it takes time, sometimes an hour, a week, a year, 10 years. But whatever happened, they happened for the best.

2. I can’t control everything.

As much as I want everything to be under my control, I can’t and will never be able to do it. Especially when it involves other people’s feeling, but I am in control of my own feeling and how I should react to everything. And I should not worry over things I know I can’t control, for some things, I have no choice but just letting they go with the flow. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

3. Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary.

Whether it’s good or bad, things are not gonna last forever. So, when good things happen, enjoy while they last. When bad things happen, don’t worry, they shall pass.

4. Life is short.

I saw people I know passed away or dying or being depressed. I realized how short life is and in this one short life I don’t wanna do and be something I don’t like. Life is too short to be spent in one place, to be someone I am not, to read only one book, to have only one dream.

5. Invest on yourself and experience.

I guess many of us made mistakes in the first time we start earning money, we spent it on luxury. Now I’d rather invest on developing myself, improving skills and gaining experience. Because when I am old and my hair is grey, I will not remember the specification of iphone or gadgets I bought, I’m gonna remember moment. Memory is what we’ll have in the end. And my skills are can take me places.

6. Take a good care of yourself.

Like it or not, we cant expect much from people no matter how close we are to them. I am in my 20s is gonna be the one who takes care of me in my 50s, not my husband, not my kids.

7. Don’t hold grudges.

Life is too short to be mad at others and at yourself. I need to have the ability to forgive or at least forget, because I only have one heart. I should not make grudge a drive to do something. For example, trying to prove to parents because of what they did/ didn’t do. That means I am doing something out of grudges, instead of love. The only reason why I wanna do something must be love and should not be any other drives. Because when you do something because you love it, you don’t need to prove to anyone.

8. People can’t really change.

One’s personality can’t really change permanently. Maybe they change for a temporary, but not forever. So I don’t want to waste my time with people whose characters are soo in contrast to mine. I only have two choices, either to leave or to accept them as they are. If I choose to leave, I should not regret. If I choose to stay, I should not complain.

9. If I do nothing, nothing happens.

The truth is that everything worth having doesn’t come easily, even if you’re born as Paris Hilton. If I say I want to have something but I don’t do anything related to achieving it, I shouldn’t expect it’s gonna be served on my plate because life doesn’t work that way. If I say I wanna be a writer, then I have to at least write a paragraph daily. And I have to react fast to change my own situation. If bad things happen, do something to fix it. If good things happen, do something to maintain and improve it. If nothing happens, do something to make it happen.

10. In life, we need mentors.

Most of the questions we ask have been asked and answered by people before us, so I have to reduce my ego and learn from as many as possible. I was so stubborn before to do everything self-taught, which is not totally bad, but it would have been more time-efficient if I had had mentors, time is soo expensive that no stores sell it once you wasted it.

11. Don’t mind other people’s opinion.

Sometimes being stubborn is good. I can’t please everyone, there’s always gonna be people who disagree or simply don’t understand my choices. But that’s okay, I don’t owe explanation nor happiness to anyone but myself.

12. Stop depending happiness on other people.

I’ve had felt down and really sad many times and I got tired of it, I always evaluated from each failure to find why I could feel that sad. I thought the answer was because of other people who did me wrong. Maybe they did, but it’s not 100% their fault, it’s mine too who had depended my happiness 100% on them, so when they left or broke my heart, I ended up feeling worthless. Until in a meditation class, the teacher told us that most of the people choose to create and rely on unstable happiness, which means the happiness from outside the mind. We feel happy or sad because of what others did to us, that’s why it’s unstable. It’s called ‘outsourcing’ happiness. Meanwhile happiness is the state of mind, so everything that makes the mind happy should come from the mind itself. Hence, the ability to manage how we react to things is very important. I’m learning and meditation helps a lot.

13. Everybody has a different clock.

When we’re still in school, almost everyone go through similar stage at the same time. But after school, everything changes. We go our ways, the roads we are on to some destinations may be in different length compared to our friends’. I shall not compare myself to others. Happiness and success are not a competition anyway.

14. I can’t do everything by myself, I still need other people.

Being independent is good, but knowing how to work smart is better. I sometimes push myself too much and try to do everything by myself. Just because I can do it by myself doesn’t mean that I have to do it by myself. I have to learn how to either drop it, add value to it or delegate it to other people.

15. Look for myself first before I start looking for others.

In life, especially for women, we’ve been taught by fears of not getting something. Therefore, we’re always told to find jobs, or husband/wife instead of discovering who we are first. Seriously, this is so wrong and the consequence is high because you risk your TIME. If being in a wrong job or a relationship just risk money, it still can be repaid. But if I lose time, where should I go to get it back?

16. The opposite of love is fear, not hate.

Money is not the root of all evils, it’s fear. Fears that transform to other names, it becomes jealousy, hate, greediness, grudge, etc. And we fear to admit that it’s fear.

17. Hard work never betrays.

I don’t know how many times I feel down during learning process. I get bored and not rarely I fail. Slowly I see things getting together as long as I do things consistently. Sacrifice needs to be made, but someday this will pay off. Work until I know better, and when I know better, do better.

18. There’s no shortcut to success.

Patience is not one of my best capabilities, I always wanted to get things fast when I want it. That’s why I always tried to find shortcuts, in the end they cost me more in price, time, and energy. From this I learned to be more patient and love the process. Like it or not, not everyone is born a superman, so we need to go through process in order to achieve success.

19. My vibe attracts my tribe

I should not complain about the people in my circumstance because the reason why my circumstance doesn’t change is because I haven’t change myself into the energy I want to attract. So if I want to be surrounded or approached by positive people, I have to reflect it first.

20. Accept change and make friends with it.

Changes are not always scary. Comfort zone is not always good just because it’s familiar.

21. Everything has consequences.

Every decision I make today will result in my tomorrow.

22. What I tolerate makes me worried.

Sometimes being selfish is good, meaning I have to put myself first and learn to dare to say ‘NO’ to people or things that actually make me feel uncomfortable before they mount up. Be brave to leave things or people if it means for the better. It may sound heartless, but we only live once.

23. Niche down. 

Took me years to learn that small circle is better than big one that’s loose and shallow. Growing up, I tried to attract as many people as possible to like me, but that limited who I wanted myself to be. Now my circle has been smaller and smaller and I’m loving it. It also can be applied in business, that I should find my niche rather than targeting everyone into my market.

24. Don’t stop questioning.

Always stay a beginner.

25. Growing up doesn’t mean I have to stop having fun.

I’m not gonna be a boring person. Every child is born creative, I choose to remain creative. I don’t wanna see life as burden, I wanna see it as a playground or a blank canvas a painter would play with colors on. I wanna paint a picture I want to remember, because my name, Citra Ayu, means ‘a beautiful picture’.

26. There’s no such a thing like a ‘collective destiny’.

Just because I was born a female then I have to be and behave certain ways that an area believes in. Just because something didn’t happen to other people, it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen to me either.

27. Happiness and beauty are not competition.

I used to think that being an employee for years is lame, but it’s actually not. Just because something is not my cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it should be the same for other people. Just because I wanna be an entrepreneur, it doesnt mean that those who work in institution or housewives have boring lives, they have their own concept of happiness, so do I. And I am happy for other’s happiness.

28. Age is just a number!

I don’t grow old, I choose to grow gOLDen!


taken on the day I officially turn 28


#CADAS2018 Day 2: My first day in Adelaide

I arrived in Adelaide on May 15th 2018 morning after a 7.5 hour long flights in total (via Singapore). At that time, it’s autumn already in Adelaide while just two weeks before I came, the weather was perfectly warm (that’s what people said).

This is my first travel to a western country which has more than two seasons. In Indonesia, I don’t need to really concern about clothes when travelling, because every where and every season, it’s relatively similar temperature. What can affect how one should dress when travelling in Indonesia is not the temperature, but the religions and beliefs of the people in the area.

For me as a tropical human, I get cold easily, even if I turn on the AC to 25 Celcius, imagine how Adelaide’s 13 C – 17 C temperature was torturing me at that first time. I admit that it was also my fault to underestimate the temperature and prioritized which clothes would make me look good in photos instead of ones that can comfort and secure me from cold. 70% of my luggage is knee-length dresses which I thought would look good with old European-influenced buildings in Adelaide, this decision turned out to be a big fail.

Lucky I brought some stockings and yoga pants (yes I thought of trying yoga classes or even morning jogging, but the cold made me step back –..–” ), so I wore yoga pants underneath my stockings. Phew!


The real reason why I crossed my legs was because I was freezing.

The first day I arrived, we went to my bro’s university for a reception party (a small party for the graduates’ families), but it started in the late afternoon, I felt that I should not just waste time waiting, so we decided to go early to look around the city. And I decided to challenge myself with this outfit (in photo), I wanted to adjust my body to the cold fast so that I would be able to enjoy the city instead of hiding under layers of blanket at home.

The first time we landed at the airport, there’s a funny feeling I felt that may be unusual to hear if you’re white. In my country, white people call their selves expats–just like everywhere–, and they’re mostly treated a level higher than others. In Bali–I lived in Bali for half a year–there are so many foreigners (mostly white), whether they’re only tourists or work/ have business there. Even if they’re working in Indonesia, most of them have descent jobs or higher class, or if they work as, say, teachers, they’re paid four times higher than local teachers in international schools. So, visiting a dominantly-white country and seeing white people doing blue-collar jobs, it felt different for me, especially when I saw white homeless people on the street (yes, there are still people living on the street in Aussie too!), I mean that’s just not common to see for me, even though I know that people are just the same everywhere, we do what we gotta do, we gotta work even it means a job that people don’t really appreciate. It felt different–I don’t know which word can describe it best–when a white cleaning lady cleaned my table in a cafe, I imagined if she’s not in that uniform and not holding broom, and she’s in Bali, she would be treated with the so-called expats service, she would suddenly be a princess. It’s unusual for my eyes, because usually it’s the other way around in Indonesia.

The people I saw in the airport were the ones that gave me the first impression about a country and my first impressions about Australians were they’re very nice and friendly. They always say “Thank you” and “Sorry”, even for minor things and sometimes it’s my fault, it made me feel that I’d been impolite all my life because I didn’t say those words as much, LOL. The airport officers, even though they’re strict in doing their jobs (which I am not used to see people in uniforms being string doing their jobs in Indonesia), they’re very friendly and helpful. Even the immigration officer made a small talk with me and my mom asking whether we’re excited about our holiday in Aussie. It may be just a little thing, but it made us felt welcome. This experience made me feel that maybe Indonesia needs to review/ evaluate our airport staffs.

As soon as I stepped out of the airport building and saw Adelaide’s sky, I was amazed to see how blue the blue sky in Adelaide. I saw sky that blue in Indonesia only when I was sent to remote areas when I was still working for WWF and in Gili Air (Lombok) during a holiday, that’s because in those areas, there are not many motor vehicles (especially in Gili Air, motor vehicles are prohibited). Adelaide’s sky is not polluted, it’s bright, maybe even brighter than my future. LOL. But how come we live under the same sky but the sky can look different?

Another thing that wowed me was the fact it’s sooo clean. My eyes couldn’t find any trash on the street! If this is the impression that I first got coming to their country, I wonder what they think when coming to my country and see our streets. Ouch!!


In Indonesia, people run away from the sun (afraid of getting dark skin), in Adelaide I just wanted to get under the sun because it’s warm.


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#CADAS2018 Day 1: Ke Australia dengan Singapore Airlines

It was the 14th of May 2018, my Mom and I were ready to fly to Adelaide, South Australia. YEAY! Tiket pesawat yang kami beli waktu itu sedang di harga promo, hanya Rp 6.500.000 untuk return tickets kelas ekonomi per orangnya dengan maskapai Singapore Airlines. Lagi hoki juga ini, karena kalo dibanding dengan AirA*ia harganya sama tapi gak dapet makan nekkk… giling aja penerbangan 8 jam gak makan-minum, hehe.


my mom doesnt really like camera –-..–“

Ini adalah kali pertama gua terbang dengan Singapore Airlines, maklum lah kere. Dan ternyata, pengalaman pertama gua ini membuat gw memberikan nilai A+ buat Singapore Airlines untuk servis dan fasilitasnya! Highly recommended untuk melakukan penerbangan panjang. Penerbangan kami menuju Adelaide melalui transit di Singapore. Penerbangan dari Jakarta ke Singapore selama 1,5 jam dan Singapore ke Adelaide 6 jam.

Pesawat yang digunakan adalah tipe Airbus yang gede itu, jadi susunan bangkunya bukan 3-3 melainkan 3-4-3. Enggak kayak budget airlines yang jarak antar bangkunya mepet sangat, Singapore Airline seperti Garuda Indonesia yang lebih luas dan manusiawi, hehe. Mungkin udah standarnya kalo maskapai nasional begitu ya.

Setiap bangkunya mendapatkan screen TV untuk entertainment yang berisi musik, podcasts, film, TV series dan game. Judul-judul film dan TV series yang tersedia juga keren-keren lho! Selama penerbangan gw menonton beberapa TV series dan film, salah satunya All the Money in the World yang terinspirasi dari kisah nyata. Di bawah layar, ada remote yang bisa digunakan juga sebagai stick untuk main games.

20180525_170455Yang paling gw suka selama penerbangan dengan Singapore Airlines adalah gw gak pernah kekurangan makanan, ibarat perbaikan gizi dalam pesawat, dan makanannya bisa dibilang enak untuk standar masakan pesawat, bukan sekedar makan. Makanannya selalu lengkap dengan dengan makanan utama, side dish, drinks, dan desert. Malah di perjalanan siang hari, kami juga diberikan ice cream seperti Con*llo gitu. Pramugari/a nya telaten putar-balik buat nawarin minuman, jadi gak akan kehausan. Kayaknya sih udah habis susu satu kotak untuk gw doank, haha. Maklum kak, perbaikan gizi. :p

Sebelum terbang kita diberikan handuk hangat buat bikin fresh, begitu juga setelah beberapa jam di pesawat. Beda banget dengan fligt attendant Indonesia (kecuali Garuda Indonesia–apalagi maskapai L*on Air) yang attitudenya ampun dah dan mukanya dipelintir tanpa senyum, flight attendant Singapore Airline sangat ramah-ramah, attentive dan sopan banget. Selalu mengucapkan ‘thank you’ dan ‘excuse me/ sorry’, berasa banget jiwa ‘service’ mereka memang ada, bukan sekedar jadi pekerjaan keren-kerenan.

Setelah total 7,5 jam perjalanan dan transit 1 jam, tanggal 15 May 2018 pagi kami sampai di Adelaide International Airport. Udara dingin langsung menusuk walau pun baju udah tebal, mata gw sampe berair saking dinginnya, sebenernya sih sekitar 13 C – 17 C, tapi gw kan manusia iklim tropis banget, sedangkan di Ubud aja bisa menggigil! Oia, ada yang menarik ketika baru sampai di airport, gw menemukan adanya daerah bernama Younghusband di Australia! Waduh, kira-kira apa ya yang kita bisa temukan di daerah itu?? I still prefer older guys though, no brondong, hihi!


#CADAS2018: Yang Tidak Boleh & Boleh Dibawa Masuk ke Australia

Jalan-jalan ke negara orang memang berbeda dengan jalan-jalan domestik yang kita gak perlu mikirin apa yang boleh dan gak boleh dibawa. Setiap negara punya peraturannya masing-masing untuk memproteksi negara mereka dari segi ekonomi, kesehatan dan lain-lain yang berasal dari wisatawan luar. Mendingan jangan maen-maen deh dengan petugas bandara mereka, karena mereka ini walaupun ramah, tapi tegas banget dan gak suka dibohongin, mereka juga gak mau menerima suap (gak kayak di Indonesia ya bok…). Lebih baik jujur apa adanya, daripada kena denda jutaan atau malah dipenjara selama maksimal 10 tahun. Terkesan paranoid banget ya kalo di banding imigrasi Indonesia yang relatively loose.

Saat pertama kali mendarat, yang kita lakukan adalah menuju bagian imigrasi ke antrian foreign passport. Di bagian ini, seperti biasa kita menunjukkan passport dan diambil fotonya. Di wawancara sedikit sih sekedar basa-basi penyambutan gitu, berhubung mama gak bisa bahasa Inggris sama sekali, jadi kami langsung maju berdua aja.

Setelah pelaporan imigrasi, kita menuju ke pengambilan bagasi, dan sebelum keluar dari bandara, kita akan melalui bagian yang disebut dengan “CUSTOM” dimana kita diminta untuk mendeclare apakah kita membawa barang-barang yang perlu di-declare apa gak.

Seperti penerbangan internasional pada umumnya, sejak dari di pesawat, kita diberikan passenger’s declaration card. Kalo ke Aussie, penampakannya seperti ini:


Bisa dilihat, di situ ada 11 points yang harus di-declare. Kalo ragu, boleh ditanyakan ke petugas bandara yang menurut gw sih super ramah ya, kata siapa bule gak ramah… Justru lebih ramah kalo dibandingin pengalaman gw ke Malaysia, hehe. Anyway, berikut penjelasan point-point tersebut:

  1. Obat-obatan dan senjata. Bukan hanya obat-obatan terlarang yang harus dideclare, tapi juga obat resep dari dokter, untuk obat-obat warung seperti generic, Neozep, panadol gak akan jadi masalah karena mungkin banyaknya orang Indonesia yang datang ke Aussie membuat petugas jadi hapal dengan Panadol, haha.
  2. Alcohol yang lebih dari 1125mL atau rokok yang lebih dari 250 batang atau 250 g. Jadi kalo mau bawa rokok, hanya boleh tiga kotak aja, jangan pura-pura bego gak tau, karena ujug-ujug akan ditahan petugas. Rokok sangat ketat peraturannya karena di Aussie pajaknya mahal.
  3. Barang yang senilai atau lebih dari AUD 400. Peralatan elektronik seperti laptop atau kamera tidak termasuk.
  4. Barang dagangan kamu, atau sample yang digunakan untuk tujuan komersil.
  5. Uang cash senilai/ lebih dari AUD 10.000 (baik dalam dollar atau rupiah).
  6. Makanan, ini yang paling tricky. Gak semua makanan gak boleh masuk, hanya makanan tertentu aja, seperti buah segar, dried fruits, sayur, makanan hasil buatan sendiri (seperti rendang, sambal goreng, abon, gado2 etc) dan produk turunan susu dan telur, dairy products. Kenapa? Karena Aussie adalah negara penghasil dairy products, jadi mereka pingin kita beli produk mereka aja gitu… Lagian, disana harga produk turunan susu itu murah dan rasanya enak banget, kalo di Indonesia mungkin cuma ada di mall-mall mahal yang seenak itu. Hehe. Oia, kopi sachet yang three in one juga gak boleh ya, karena ada susunya. Kopi lain boleh asal bukan kopi luwak karena kopi luwak ternyata mahal banget disana harganya. Kita juga gak boleh membawa produk daging olahan yang tidak dikaleng. Alasan kenapa mereka gak memperbolehkan makanan daging adalah karena mereka takut daging yang berasal dari negara luar mengandung virus, misal virus ANTHRAX. My mom takut gak ada makanan yang sesuai seleranya ketika di Aussie, so tanpa sepengetahuan gw, dese udah masak rendang dua kilo dongs. Malesnya adalah, my mom ini tipikal orang Indonesia yang mau coba-coba siapa tau lolos dan gak percaya dengan omongan gw sampe ketika gw bilang, nanti didenda pake dollar lho! Baru dah mempan, orang Indonesia mah takut rugi! Hehe.
  7. Barang-barang yang terbuat dari bagian tanaman, misalnya souvenir yang terbuat dari kayu seperti seruling, ukiran kayu, souvenir kayu, dll.
  8. Bagian tubuh hewan.
  9. Tanah atau barang yang tereskpos dengan tanah, misalnya sepatu olahraga. Gw bawa sepatu juga sih tapi tanahnya kan gak tebel, jadi gak papa. Kalo mau aman, sepatunya dicuci dulu bagian tapaknya.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 12.59.22 PM

Lalu apa nasibnya barang-barang yang gak lulus custom?? Masuk ke tong sampah! Hehe, berbeda dengan di Indonesia yang kemungkinan diambil petugas, mereka juga gak mau ambil resiko untuk dirinya sendiri, seperti makan makanan dari negeri orang yang mereka gak kenal.

Sebaiknya saat packing, barang-barang yang berpotensi dideclare kamu taruh di satu tas dan yang mudah dibuka, jangan dibungkus kado atau dibagian yang susah ambilnya. Walau pun udah dibungkus kado rapi-rapi, akan diminta bongkar.

Dari passenger card yang sudah diisi tadi, kita akan diminta berbaris ke antrian baris tertentu (pihak petugas yang menentukan kita di nomor berapa), di salah satu barisan, barang kita akan diperiksa dengan anjing security segala.

Kalau sudah melewati bagian ini, tandanya kamu sudah resmi dianggap tidak membahayakan untuk masuk Australia, enjoy your visit in Aussie!


My face after an 8-hour journey. I forgot about tired, was just happy to be there. 

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CADAS 2018 : Cihud’s Adelaide Story 2018

Hey, everyone!

20180514_175304.jpgI’m writing this post in the State Library of South Australia di Adelaide. Yes, I made it to Aussie, even though for only 12 days this time (who knows, I came to Bali for two weeks in August 2017, two months later I came again and stayed for half a year).

Karena ini pertama kalinya gw travelling abroad ke western country, so perjalanan ini punya nilai historis bagi gw and I wanna document it on this blog, sekalian sharing apa aja yang menurut gw menarik atau aneh selama di negeri wong bule ini dari kacamata gw.

Tujuan utama gw pergi ke Adelaide adalah untuk menghadiri acara wisuda S2 abang gw yang kuliah di Carnegie Mellon University Australia, sekalian jalan-jalan sama nyokap gw, walau pun pada kenyataannya gw lebih banyak jalan-jalan sendirian karena nyokap gw gak kuat jalan kaki lama-lama (ya ampun hidup di luar negeri ternyata banyak jalan kakinya, bok!) sedangkan abang gw… yaaa gitu deh… he’s just being his self, mana peduli dia gw mau jalan kemana pun, boro2 diservis seperti layaknya kakak yang baik, dia mendidik gw untuk urus sendiri my own business dari kecil.


Gw berangkat ke Aussie di pertengahan bulan May 2018 dimana Aussie akan memasuki winter season, so udara udah dingin di kisaran 13 C – 17 C. Namun karena kepedean atau saking gak pernah jalan-jalan ke luar negeri (jadi gw gak terbiasa memikirkan baju apa yang harus dibawa tergantung musim, karena musim dan cuaca di Indonesia kemana-mana mah hampir sama), baju yang kebanyakan gw bawa adalah dress selutut dongs… biar kece gitu kalo di foto, such a big fail! Untungnya gw bawa beberapa full leggings. Hari pertama gw sampe, gw cuma bisa merinding disko aja walau pun di dalam ruangan. Namun kerennya badan manusia adalah we adapt fast to changes, so hanya dalam beberapa hari setelah gw melawan dingin, gw udah udah bisa jalan kaki dalam cuaca begitu walau pun hanya dengan legging tipis dan jaket yang gak tebel (city jacket). Namun hal yang sama tidak terjadi di nyokap gw karena dese gak ngelawan dinginnya dan selalu berlindung di tumpukan baju tebal.

Di Adelaide kami tinggal di college tempat abang gw tinggal (college disini maksudnya bukan kuliah ya, tapi tempat akomodasi, kayak rumah kos-kosan gitu) karena biar gak mencar-mencar. Tadinya sih gw pingin couchsurfing atau Airbnb aja biar lebih hemat, but my mom insisted that we better stick together in one place.

Selama ini gw sangka hidup abang gw selama di Aussie prihatin lah gitu ya, ternyata sesudah liat gimana dia tinggal, menurut gw sih ini mewah lah buat orang yang cuma dapet partial scholarship di negeri orang yang mahalnya minta ampun. Gak jadi deh gw prihatin. Gimana enggak, di akomodasinya udah include breakfast dan dinner prasmanan all you can eat, sehat, gak perlu mikir mau makan/ masak apa, ada regular room cleaning service, ada library, meeting room, kitchen, entertainment room (lengkap dengan meja billiard, Netflix dan board games), ada juga ruang buat relaxing yang ada perapiannya gitu, dan free laundry. Apa-apaan ini, he’s not being Indonesian, as Indonesians, seharusnya dia hidup hemat menjurus pelit, masak sendiri dan bersihin kamar sendiri kek. Kebiasaan hidup nge-boss di Jakartanya masih dibawa-bawa. Ampun gw mah…

In his defense, what he pays is the good environment and network. Ibaratnya rusun ama apartemen di Jakarta kan gede ruangannya sama, tapi yang bikin mahal  adalah lingkungannya, you wanna be in the environment that can help you to achieve something. Emang bener sih ya… Kadang gw heran kalo liat banyaknya pelajar dari Indonesia yang notabene mendapatkan beasiswa full tuition dari LPDP malah hidup mepet-mepet dan kerja nguli, ibaratnya sekolah jadi nomor dua dan kerja nguli nomor satu. Sedangkan mereka dibiayai negara buat memprioritaskan pendidikan, buat apa cari kerja tambahan yang gak ada hubungannya dengan karir ke depan. Sedangkan abang gw yang cuma dapet partial scholarship dari pihak universitas malah mengusahakan untuk mendapatkan lingkungan dan pekerjaan sampingan yang sejalan dengan tujuannya. Kalo orang kayak gw atau abang gw yang dapet beasiswa full tuition mah, ya udah bakal fokus ke networking dan cari pengalaman yang nambah-nambahin CV aja kali gw. Tapi bok, belom rejeki… hehe…


My mom in front of my bro’s place

Walau pun hanya dua minggu dan hanya di Adelaide selama di Australia, banyak hal menarik yang gw alami dan pelajari. Dari baru mendarat di bagian custom di airport, wisuda a la bule, situs-situs historis, ngapelin koala, main LEGO di State Library and many more!


Sebelumnya gw juga udah tulis tentang persiapan apa aja buat pengurusan visa di sini, dan proses gw mendapatkan visa Australia di sini. Please click here to read my day-to-day diary in Adelaide, Aussie.

Di semester pertama tahun 2018 ini gw tiap bulan jalan-jalan melulu, semoga bisa selalu dapat kemudahan seperti ini dan bisa liat penjuru dunia lainnya 😀

I can’t wait to tell my stories to you! Happy reading #CADAS2018 😀

Cara Cara Inn: Budget Hotel 100rban di Bali yang Instagrammable Banget!


Berlibur ke Bali gak perlu mahal a la jetsetter kayak incess Syahrini, karena sebenarnya industri pariwisata di Bali yang sudah berkembang memudahkan kita untuk menemukan penginapan dan hiburan yang oke di kantong namun dengan kualitas yang terjamin, salah satunya adalah budget hotel di daerah Kuta ini; Cara Cara Inn!!

Udah lama sebenernya pingin ngereview hotel ini karena bukan hanya harganya yang murah, tapi juga konsepnya yang menarik dan totalitas banget dengan designnya yang fun, colorful namun tetap simple, juga functional. Begitu lihat official websitenya aja udah kerasa banget deh kalo ini hotel cocok untuk jiwa-jiwa muda (gak mesti umur yang muda, hehe) yang hobby travelling and enjoying life! Namun biasanya banyak hotel yang hanya bagus di foto aja, pas dateng ke lokasi malah zonk. Tapi enggak dengan Cara Cara Inn yang menurut gw, dengan harga segitu adalah sangat worth it!

Berlokasi di tengah Kuta yang strategis banget kalo kamu pingin jalan kaki ke pantai, cafe-cafe keren or lokasi party (ciee yang anak ajojing…) di sekitaran Kuta. Harga per kamarnya masih di bawah Rp 200rb/ hari yang terdiri dari 2 bunkbed di kamar yang super mungil tapi fasilitas lengkap; TV, AC, fridge, pemanas air untuk kopi, meja belajar, handuk, water heater, shower, wastafel dan hair dryer. Harga tersebut sudah include breakfast, so kalau kamu mau tanpa breakfast, bisa lebih murah lagi deh kayaknya. Oia, jangan berekspektasi berlebihan ya tentang makanannya, namanya juga paket murah, bisa dibilang, hanya satu level lebih baik dari nasi kucing! hehe.

Design kamar mungilnya ini ngebuat gw jadi kefikiran dengan design-design apartemen di Jepang yang small, minimalistic and functional, di bagian bawah tempat tidur dijadikan lemari, begitu juga tangga untuk naik ke tempat tidur atas yang ternyata juga bisa dijadikan lemari.

Di masing-masing dinding tempat tidur ada electricity socket buat ngecharge HP dan meja tempel kecil gitu deh buat naro HP. Kamu juga dapet sendal jepit hotel yang unyu-unyu banget, kanan dan kirinya beda warna! Kalo di dalam kamar menginap 3 orang, maka dikenakan biaya tambahan sebesar Rp 100rb/ hari untuk si orang ketiga tsb, tapi kalo gak ketahuan (kayak gw dan temen-temen gw) sih ya gapapa, hehe.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.17.27 PM

Sayangnya pas gw kesana, ternyata floaties yang lucu-lucu ini gak ada, hiks! **Sumber foto

Fasilitas bangunan pun juga gak kalah oke, dilengkapi dengan swimming pool di lantai 2 dengan hammock dan bean bag and floaties, cafe, pantry yang dilengkapi dengan microwave and sink, so kamu bisa manasin makanan tengah malem.  Di lantai 1 ada mobil VW yang disulap jadi mini bar dan yang keren adalah kita bisa ngelaundry sendiri dengan membeli token laundry seharga Rp 30.000 langsung kering dan gak musti digosok karena gak bikin baju jadi wrinkly kok, tapi kalo mau gosok juga, disediakan ironing board.

Yah namanya juga Bali, kebanyakan tamu-tamu disana adalah bule-bule singles atau travelling bareng pacar dan teman, karena tempat ini emang cocoknya bukan untuk wisata keluarga. Jadi bisa sekalian cuci mata dan hunting gitu ya bukk… mana tau ada yang nemplok… hehe!

Oia, namanya juga budget hotel, jadi gak punya lapangan parkir yang luas, hanya di bagian depan hotel yang hanya cukup untuk sekitar empat atau lima mobil, di Bali pun memang susah yang namanya cari parkiran. Jadi lokasi hotel ini cocok banget kalo liburan kamu hanya di sekitar Kuta!

Anyway, walau pun murah, Cara Cara Inn menurut gw tidak cocok untuk level backpacker sejati yang bisa lebih murah lagi dan lebih banyak interaksi dengan sesama traveller. Karena kalo di hostel backpacker, biasanya kita tidur di kamar dengan banyak bunkbed dengan orang-orang yang baru kita kenal, sedangkan di Cara Cara Inn masih ada ruang privasi karena kita tidur di kamar-kamar kecil dengan orang yang kita sudah kenal. So, Cara Cara Inn cocok untuk orang-orang kayak gua yang backpacking banget juga gak mau tapi ke hotel mahal juga gak mampu, hehe.

Happy holiday, it’s always Sunday in Bali!

Youtube Milestones: Hitting 1K Subscribers!


A blessed May this year started by my youtube channel hitting 1000 subscribers after 1 year and 3 months old and 16 videos!

In end of Jan this year, I celebrated my 500th subs and three months later I hit 1000 subs! This feels good and I’m very happy about it, maybe this is not a big number for many, but I always celebrated every milestone, since just 10 followers, 100 and 500. It’s also not easy like the youtube pioneers’ era, they gained the first-mover’s advantage when the competition was different due to less competitors. Now almost everybody has youtube channel, among tons of choices, not easy to get one loyal sub.

That’s why I learned the importance to niche down to one-two streams only when you’re just starting. I am now focusing on tutorials and I niche down to only use Bahasa Indonesia instead of English, because I target Indonesian audience and we have a big population number. If I try to grab as many audience, there are already too many English craft channels with good quality, meanwhile in Indonesia’s market, there are still very few craft and DIY channels that have good recording quality and brief tutorials. This also helps my craft blog‘s audience and views to grow!

The advantage of tutorial videos is that people watch them over and over for the step by steps so my views grow fast. Now that I hit 1k, I can apply to monetize my vids due to Youtube’s changed policy in the beginning of 2018, one of them is to have at least 1000 subs.

However monetization is not my main goal, I just want to share and be useful for others because life is too short to keep everything I’ve known just for myself. Furthermore I feel flattered by people who reached out to my soc-med accounts, asked questions, etc. Better to be surrounded with people who like me for who I am than just a big numbers of followers who don’t really care about what else I can offer to the world.

To celebrate my milestone, I plan to add one more variety of content; still about tutorials, but instead of DIY tutorials, this time I will make workout tutorials because fitness is one of my main interests in life. This also is based on the same reasons like my craft stream; because less competition in Indonesian audience. I also think that more people can relate more to workout vids, because not everyone has the need or interest in making DIYs. Every time I posted my workout vids on IG stories, I always got more views. So why not give it a try, we’ll see! But it’s gonna be more challenging than craft videos because I know people will then attack or comment on my physical appearance, I will be more body-conscious than before!

Thank you so much for people who’ve supported or even doubted me this far, those helped me to this. If you haven’t subbed yet, please visit and see if you like my channel 😀