My name is Citra Ayu Wardani, I asked people to call me by “Cihud” because I thought it was cooler. But it’s not. #teenagemistakestaysforever.

I am from Indonesia, it’s where Bali is located (additional info for some of you who often ask me, “Which part of Bali is Indonesia in?”). I spend most of my time behind my laptop, sewing machine, camera (and sometimes in front), books, and on my yoga mat and bed. This blog is about random midnight thoughts, not-so-phylosophical contemplations, travel stories, artsy fartsy crafty works and tutorials, social criticism, extraordinary ordinary life documentation, and sarcasm.

As an aspiring fashion designer, I work for myself now after working for years in an international wildlife conservation organization (from conservation to fashion, very far, huh? 😀 ) My design journey can be found on Instagram and shop them here, I ship my products internationally.

As a good millennial, I possess a severe addiction to the internet, hence I am on several social media platforms, but Tinder. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Ask.Fm, YouTube and the list goes on.

Believe it or not, I am multi-talented. Need proof? Just simply visit and shop on my Etsy store and my online shop where I sell my crafts and my YouTube Channel if you’re curious about how annoying yet irresistible I am in real life, then watch all the videos and make sure you accidentally, drunkenly, unconsciously hit the like and subscribe buttons. My channel is about crafting and sewing tutorials for beginners.

I stand against gender stereotypes and inequality, human rights abuse, religious intolerance and douchebags (so, this blog is not for you if you’re either a douche or a bag).