How I make my youtube videos

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By the time I made this post, I’ve been 8 months on Youtube. I started my youtube channel this year focusing on DIY projects and sewing basics, sometimes I talked about random thoughts, tips and reviews. Slowly it has made it to over 340 subs and thousands of views, especially my tutorial videos. Before I started (and even until now) I browsed the internet on what other youtubers use and do to make their videos. So here’s mine:

  1. The Design Process

My video making process consists of three parts; designing, shooting, and editing. Designing is where I collect all the ideas and write them down in my notebook or post-its. Then I can categorize them based on themes; like tutorials, social criticism, travel vlogs, etc. It’s important for me to set an image about what you want audience to easily remember what your channel is about and what they can get from you. By writing all ideas down, you will not lose them because human memory doesn’t last long, then you can schedule the topics to make it less monotonous. At least before I started, I already knew at least four videos that I was going to make. This is also the part where we can try which topics are best for our channel by seeing which videos gain more views and likes. Once I knew which theme to make, I write down parts of the videos (intro, main, and closing) and elaborate what I’m going to say, shoot and need in each part. I make the outline of my scripts even when I speak in Bahasa Indonesia, to avoid missing points that I wanna say. And also because I am not a spontaneous person, I’m used to blogging and writing, recording myself in videos is another new level for me that I’m still learning to get used to.

2. The Shooting

This is where you’re gonna need to spend some budget on recording equipments. Here’s the equipments that I use:

  • Camera : Canon 60D
  • Tripod : Slik Tripod
  • Voice Recording : Rode Shotgun Microphone (Rycote Series) and Ipod
  • Documenting : Memory Card and External HD by Western Digital

3. The Editing

This part can take the longest to do of all. I only rely on Imovie in my Macbook Pro to edit video even though I actually have Adobe Premiere. Imovie is the simplest, easiest but you cant do as many things as with Adobe Premiere, but well, I use Macbook, Macbook is also not the best gear to edit movies, it’s a bit slow when I edit with other apps. I even prefer Asus Zenbook that my previous office lent to me to edit videos and photoshop. However, Macbook Pro is all I have now, I can’t afford to buy a new one. So far, I’m satisfied with my videos I created with only Imovie. Also, I’m getting old, so I’m too lazy to spend hours and days again to learn new things. LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 7.45.37 AMI made a video on how I make my youtube vids where I explain more about my gears, why I chose them and the goods and minuses of them. You can watch it here. My advice is to not spend time on thinking too much and start before you’re ready. Because you’ll never feel that you’re ready and that feeling and thoughts will hold you back. The sooner you start, the better. Good luck for all of us!


Life illustrated, Doodling my life

I love thinking about life and laugh at it, whether it’s the past, present or the future expectation. Simple little things that are sometimes silly and we’re shy to talk about to people while actually others are doing the same silly things. We can feel connected to others when one can open up through many mediums, it can be words, songs, videos, drawings, etc. I’ve tried some of them, now I’m trying a new one for my own amusement to laugh about my life, maybe people can feel related to it.

Since in school, I’ve been always the type of student who draws anything that happens in her head about the class–and sometimes the teachers–in her friends’ books (not in my books, i liked to keep my own books clean and free from evidence just in case unexpected bad things happened).

My skill in drawing is just so-so or maybe below average, but I have the ability to express myself well, or at least to me my drawings are still understandable. Using my Samsung tablet, I like to draw random things from silly, good, somewhat inspirational, and naughty (wink!) things and send them to people I am close to. A bit out of topic, it’s why I decided to buy my Samsung Tablet that comes with a stylus pen instead of an overpriced Apple Ipad. Though the real reason was because I was too poor to afford one.

I’ve been posting some of them on my Instagram and made it one of the regular contents in my account (beside my self-obsessed selfies). I even tried to manage the display of my account to make my doodles ordered in one line because I am somewhat OCD, but it means have to regularly post one doodle every after 2 posts, otherwise it will hurt those pedantic eyes. I use black background and white ink color only to be my trademark, few times I put more colors, but the black background is a fixed one.

Here are some of my doodles, will be posting more of it here later. Visit and follow my IG for more. Cheers!


Cute Aprons by CRAFTOPIA

cIMG_0893One of the products that I make on my online shop is the very stylish and girlish aprons. You know I love making things, especially cute things. Making apron is one of the new things I’ve tried this year since March 2017. I started my online craft shop in late 2013, but because of my job at that time, I only did pillows for 2 years because making pillows is the easiest and fastest crafts to make for me. It was going really well, like I made 80 pillows every month at the same time having a full-time day job. It made me have no life. LOL. But because of my job, I hibernated my shop for about a year or more. It’s in mid 2016 that I started to focus on my shop again. However, of course I couldn’t make a comeback with the same strategy. Also making only pillows for enough time doesn’t make me proud. I challenged myself with more complicated crafts, started with yoga bags then aprons.

The aprons that CRAFTOPIA makes are possibly too stylish and fancy to be actually worn for cooking, I know, hehe. Well I design them not for actual kitchen-related activities as the function of aprons has shifted to many ways. My shop can be called a gift shop, so my customers usually buy them for gifts for girlfriends, friends, mothers etc or for their own selves because they love cute things. My customers also range to business owners (mostly fashion boutiques and culinary business) who want to set a uniforms for their employees instead of giving the employees clothes which costs more money. With aprons, the employers do not need to think about the size nor worry if the staff quits, they don’t need to buy new clothes for future new staffs as aprons can fit all size. So the employees usually just wear t-shirts underneath the aprons.

Also, people ordered to me for special occasions like pre-wedding, bridal showers, and even arisan! I like to be part of other people’s happiness, if my crafts make people happy and their special days more special, that means more than material rewards. I myself maybe haven’t flown all over my country, but I know thousands of my products have been spread all over Indonesia.

Sewing apron is also the baby steps for me to eventually make clothes. I set the target that this year I have to able to sew clothes. Follow my creative passion on my shop’s IG account and youtube channel. And here are some of my apron designs. To shop, click here.

Have a nice day, peeps!

Pom-Pom Wall Hanging Decoration

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.03.09 AM

This is my first DIY tutorial on my youtube channel!

For a beginning, this DIY project is very basic, simple and fun-to-make. Wall-hanging decoration never seems to be out of trend, it’s cute and no sewing needed. It’s also relaxing to make if you have partners to do the project with. If you have kids, this is an easy art project to teach them creativity.

Watch the tutorial on youtube by clicking here.

Pouch with Detachable Pencil Case


Problems give a chance for creativity. So, don’t complain if your life has a lot of troubles, because creativity is rarely born in comfort zone.

My problem was finding the perfect organizer to store my to-go stationary, it’s either too big or too small. I am the kind of person who always carries a notebook, a real one, even though my tablet has a stylus pen to write and draw on it, the feeling is not the same. It’s like reading ebook on gadget vs. reading a real book. Besides, there’s always a possibility my tablet runs out of power.

So, I sewed my own pencilcase. On the pic above is what I always bring. That’s a lot of stuffs for some of you I guess. Sometimes I don’t need to bring all of them, and just carry a notebook and a multi-color pen.

I was inspired by make-up brush rolled case. So I make one as a pencil case. In order to make it more practical, I make it detachable to a pouch for my notebook and other stationary, like post-it book, clipper, etc. I can bring only the pencil case when I need it, or just the pouch and carry one notebook and a pen in it if my bag is already too heavy and full of other stuffs.

Mother-Daughter Collabs


I got my crafty talent from my mom, but she can’t use a sewing machine. She likes to do hand-stitching, like knitting, crochet, and cross-stitching. Unlike her, I’m very impatient for that, the only hand-stitching that I enjoy is crochet.

Seeing me doing crafts, my mom always asks me whether I have things for her to do too to keep her busy, because she is getting bored with crosswords. Actually, it’s because she can never finish a crossword when it comes to English questions.

My mom is a simple Indonesian muslim woman, she doesn’t understand any English and for her the world is just about Indonesia, she doesn’t keep up with what’s happening in other parts of the world. It’s because her life was not like mine, she went to school because it’s what she had to do to work. She went to school not to study, not to read and nor to get knowledge. She didn’t have time to critically think about the history, literary works or gender equality. For her life is simply living.

I saw that I have embroidery hoops that I haven’t used, I thought I could train my patience, but maybe not right now. So, I grabbed some fabrics and a pen, and started drawing on the fabrics, my mom then did the hand-stitching. She finished one project quite fast. I want the hoop arts to have messages in them. The funny thing is that my mom who does all the hand-stitching doesn’t even have any idea what they are about. She never questions. Just believe that her child is doing right. I wish I had that faith to something.

These are some of the works she has finished so far. You won’t believe these nasty fierce hoop arts were made by a sweet, simple, 64 y.o Indonesian muslim woman.

Granny’s Furniture Turns New


the after photo of my granny’s old showcase closet

My real best friends since childhood are not real persons, they’re my books; comics, novels, biographies, anthologies, etc. Where ever I moved, I’ve always been with my books, not all, only some. Books are better than real persons because they never change their words unlike humans.

So, I feel my besties deserve good shelter and I could not take my bookshelves in Lampung when I moved to West Sumatra. Hence I need more space for my new books and old comic books and saving some space for more upcoming books.

My mother took me to furniture stores in this little town of Payakumbuh (yeah, some of you might have never heard of it or cant find it in the map) to buy bookshelf that can store all of my books. But I didn’t like the idea to always buys things whenever we need something, because that can’t make me proud of my self. And of course, you can’t really expect to find a modern, minimalist-yet-vintage looking furnitures in a town that doesn’t even have a real supermarket.

I remembered that we have so many old furnitures from my Grandma combined with my mother’s old furnitures–she buys furnitures like I buy books. So I chose my granny’s old showcase cupboard to be remodelled and repurposed.

It was used as a showcase for my grandma’s dining ceramics, it’s clearly older than me. It had two sliding glass doors and two big shelves, one was only half side. It’s two meter long, that’s more than enough for my books now (in the photos, it’s only 65% of my books in total). I don’t have photos of the original brown cupboard as I’ve used and decorated it before for my bags.


The good thing about old furnitures is that the wood is better and stronger. It doesn’t mildew hence why it’s good for books. The only minus is that it’s so heavy unlike my previous bookshelves (as they’re cheap China-made goods), so I have to decide where it’s gonna be put and not move it again when decorating the room. I took off the sliding doors, add more shelves and re-painted it. Still thinking what I can make with the doors. I only spent 300,000 to buy wood paint, wood shelves and fee for the workman (I’m not good with hammer and saws, don’t wanna kill my self!)


If you’re gonna decorate your granny’s furnitures, you need to be thinking out of the box, don’t just be stuck with one function. Just because it was meant to be a dining table doesn’t mean you can make a hanging cupboard out of it. Just be creative 🙂

If 300,000 IDR can give you a fresh-look furniture, why spend 2 million?