“Kenapa Harus Bule”: When Indonesian Woman Dating Bule

“Kenapa harus bule?” (means “Why Bule?”) is one of the most-asked questions people give to me lately ( in the first place is question about how I can stay skinny –..–” ). The term ‘bule’ (read: boo -lé) means non-Indonesians, mostly referred to white people. If they’re not white but non-Indonesians, they are still referred as bule, added with the name of country they’re from, for instance; bule Arab, bule Korea, etc. Historically, it was a derogatory towards white people, but it’s changed a lot, maybe because most Asians adore fair skin or it’s the dollar effects.

This post is inspired by a newly released Indonesian movie with the same title, “Kenapa Harus Bule”, that tells about a brown-skinned, black-haired Indonesian woman in her early 30s who’s looking for a man to be with but she’s been told many times that her look is not up to Indonesian standard of beauty and only bules find her beautiful. Anyway, this post is not a movie review, because I haven’t watched it yet. It’s my own opinions as an Indonesian woman who hasn’t dated Indonesians for years and because of that, people like me, can easily got labelled as a Bule Hunter. Bule Hunter is such a phenomenon that I don’t deny it exists, especially in touristy areas and has negative connotations because they’re mostly only after the dollars, or other prestige or any other silly reasons. Of course there are also people like me who just happen to have/ have had non-Indonesian partners because we really fall in love with the persons they are, not because they’re bules, it just happened to be a part of their identities. I mean, come on, me?? hunt?? I’m the fox, baby! LOL.

In Indonesia, it’s common to give stereotypes to Indonesian who’s dating or married to a bule, especially if the bule is Caucasian. These stereotypes are more easily thrown to Indonesian women who date bule than Indonesian men who date bule. Why?? Because that’s just the world of patriarchy works, so sad but it’s still the world we live in.

I’ve dated (and flirted with) both locals and bules, from my experience, I can say that we’re all the same in many ways regardless the country, race, religions, etc, there’s only one race which is human race. You can find douchebags Indonesian guys, you can find douchebags bule guys. There are good, open-minded bule guys, there are also good open-minded Indonesian guys. But yeah, I do admit that there are some traits that can be easily found in westerners, there are some traits that can be easily found in Indonesian guys, it depends on what you’re looking for. I mean, I’m 27 y.o and just like most 27 y.o, we’ve known our selves well, we already know which person will go along well with us, we know which one will make us feel comfortable without being someone we’re not. And in my case, local guys who have that are either in relationship with other people or don’t find me attractive. Hiks!

Of course in dating we’re trying to find someone we feel most comfortable with who has the same values and points of views. I think it’s kinda obvious for people who know me, I don’t think like many Indonesians especially from the ways I look at gender roles. Well probably it’s because in Indonesia (especially in small towns) and many Asian countries, at home parents really give samples of gender roles, home chores are mostly given to girls and young girls are told about how important marriage is since we’re 16, how to be a good wife, how to find husband, etc. I’m too rebel for that. For a small example, I witness a lot how wives are exhausted taking care of the house and kids all day and when the husbands come home, they asked the wives to make coffee for them. I mean, are you serious?? You have legs, hands, and brain, why don’t you do your sh*t by yourself? And if I speak my mind about it, I will be called ‘a challenge’ or ‘disturbed’ or whatever that sounds like I got wrong education. Meanwhile in bule’s culture and countries, maybe it’s not easy to afford a housemaid, so they’re accustomed to take care of their selves and don’t feel right to ask somebody to do small basic stuffs for them, like making coffee. Some bule guys I was seeing earlier complained because I always gave drink to the guys first before I gave for myself, they asked why I was doing that and they wanted us to be equal.

In Indonesian relationship, women are expected to sacrifice once they get in relationship or marriage. That women are the ones who more likely to give up their career and dreams in the relationship. I disagree with this, why can’t we both grow together? In a broken family with a working mom in Indonesia, woman will be the first to be judged for her husband cheating on her, that’s crazy, if she’s not the one who cheats how could that be her faults? Raising kids and saving a relationships are the responsibilities of everyone in the relationship, not only one side which is determined by gender.

Other thing that I find very obvious is the way of expressing love. I don’t know why in Indonesia it’s so common to believe that if you love someone you need to forbid him/ her from many stuffs to show that you love and care about them. I’ve been told many times by local guys (event though in friendly situations) about how to think, how to dress, which to befriend with and what I think the worst is how and what to dream. Every time I give them signals of interest, they always start to show this symptom. Meanwhile with bule, I feel they’re more free, they may disagree with what I do, but they will not just forbid me right away. I feel more loved when I am given trust rather than limitations without logical explanation.

Also I don’t think I belong to the attractive category in Indonesian standards which prefer lighter skin. I admit that this ever affected me when I was a teenager that I tried so badly to whiten my skin. But deep down I’ve always found sun-kissed skin very sexy, I was just afraid people didn’t find me attractive because I didn’t match the standards. I went out with some locals who told me that they liked me because I was fair and if I was darker, they wouldn’t even try to approach me. Well it’s fine for me and I respect their honesty, we all have taste. What bothers me is when they try to control and make fun of me when my skin got darker after an outdoor activity. One day I posted a photo on my soc-med of my hand holding my then BF’s hand, you know what response I got from my local friends (guys and girls)? “Cihud why is your hand darker than your BF’s hand? He has a more beautiful hand than yours.”, seriously as if I didn’t deserve him because of my shade. I know it was joking, but still didn’t find it funny. So I feel more appreciated by bules that find me physically exotic (that’s what they say). Not only physically, but also intellectually that these guys who I hanged out with always said that the most attractive asset I have is not my skin, face, hair or look, but my mindset and passion. If I was just an exotic brown-skinned but didn’t think like this, didn’t have any other drives in life and only accepted what guys give to me, they wouldn’t fall for me. While many local guys tend to see this as a threat that needs to be shut down.

Also Indonesian guys tend to be more in a hurry when it comes to relationship, they like to plan about marriage at very early stage of relationship for many reasons (not all, but so common), most common reason is age. I kinda see it dangerous to only want things without really knowing why you want it, and I don’t want to be married with someone just because of his fears; fears of age, fears of time, family, etc.

For most Indonesian guys, age is an important consideration. Woman closing to 30 y.o is closing to her game-over. You can be smart, good looking and successful woman, but if you’re over 25, it’s like you’re over 52. Meanwhile, age has never been an issue with bule.

The way we see concept of success also influences how people behave in the relationship and how he/she expects the other to behave. I personally feel that local guys prefer their women to be more needy to them. While for me that is not cute. I always got complaints from local guys for being not needy. One very little example is shown by so many Indo girls speaking in baby voice, like literally baby voice, when they’re with the BFs. Every time I tried this with bule, I successfully got cringe in their eyes, like, “Babe, did you hit your head in a car accident?”


Or maybe I’ll end up with a swan. We already have a pre-wedding photo.

So, based on the points above, I think my point is that everyone has his/her own ‘market’. Your market may be different from mine. There are billions of billions people in the world, there are so many places. To limit based on specific area is like wasting opportunities, nobody can guarantee that the person who was destined for you was born in the same city, district or country. Maybe he/she was born somewhere in other parts of the world, maybe he/she was born right in the same neighbourhood with you, who knows. So we can’t judge other people’s path that’s different from ours. For many people, they find it easier to understand partners who are from the same city, country or customs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to me, I find understanding Indonesians harder, or maybe it was just bad luck for me to meet only the difficult ones. Nobody can know whether I will end up with a bule or local, nobody knows. Also, to generalize all bules based on race and countries of origins is wrong, they may look similar in our eyes, but they have different passports, different habits, different many things. There were locals who treated me bad, there were bules who treated me bad. I will share about the common misconceptions about dating with bules in different writing later. The more we meet people from different backgrounds, the more we feel that we’re all the same, that we want to be loved, understood and appreciated. We just want to find which one does us more.


Bye Bye, My Friends!

After months of being away from home and travelling here and there, end of last month I finally reached my parent’s home again where all of my stuffs are. First time I opened my room, I looked around that pinky room that I left for half a year and whispered to my self, “Sh*t, I’ve got too many stuffs all this time that I don’t need nor use anymore.”

One of them is my book collections, among them are hundreds of my comic books. Unlike other kids who just borrow comic books from friends or comic book rental, I always push myself to own things I like since I was a kid. Many of these books had been moving places to places as I brought them with me, I wanted to be close to my books just in case I suddenly miss reading them. But this side of me has been bothering me as a person who moves often, they take space and cost money to transport them to new place. Also, in the era where you can get many books and information so easily from the internet, it’s impossible for me to choose to read these comic books again amid all the downloaded books I plan to read. So what’s the point of keeping them anymore, I don’t want to be trapped in dependence on nostalgic feelings. Furthermore, who knows where I would be and live in the future? One thing I know, I will not live in West Sumatra for a long time, maybe in other cities, maybe other countries, who knows. Hence I decided to donate them.

I’d never thought that I would ever give away my books just like that. I bought them with my pocket allowance saving when I was in elementary school. I remember how I starved myself during breaks and watched my friends enjoying their snacks. I always thought I’d have a library in my future house where I would put my books and my kids would read them. If my friends borrowed my comic books, I nagged them (sometimes terror them) to return the books immediately. Because these books mean more than books to me, they’re dreams, memory and friends. They were medicines when I felt sad when I was a kid, I grew up with them. The early role models I had in my life were not from real life, they’re from these stories instead. I didn’t like reading books without pictures, because I like drawing and adoring other people’s drawings.

But let them be those good old days, I don’t prefer purchasing real books anymore because of my nomad life. I want to keep less things in life. Also, I don’t think my kids would be interested to read them, they will have other new heroes, even I don’t want to read comic books from my parents’ era.

So finally after 20 years (I started buying books since I was 6 y.o), I posted on my soc-meds that I was looking for a new home for my comic books, my childhood friends. I don’t want them to stay unread in my quiet bed room anymore. Better they give dreams to other little kids like what they gave to me, before other new heroes come and fade their charms away.

A friend suggested me a non-profit library in Padang, West Sumatra called Shelter Utara. There, people can read and borrow books, they don’t need to pay if they want to borrow books, but they have to put books in exchange. The books I found there are very interesting, if I stay in Padang, I will absolutely rent books there. Shelter Utara also regularly holds event and discussions on arts, literary works and social phenomenons. I was amazed that this organization has established since three years ago and managed by collective young people whose vision and mission is to share knowledge. They even held free classes for kids in the neighborhood and they said kids like to come every afternoon after they play soccer. Doing this makes me feel happy, knowing that my books will cherish other people’s lives.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.27.51 PM

I may not have them in my bookshelves anymore, but I will always have them in my memory.

Lessons that Travels Have Taught Me (so far)

Experience is the best teacher and the most experiences I’ve got are from travelling or living nomadically. I’ve moved a lot in my 27 years although none of the places I’ve lived in or visited is abroad. Well my country is big and it’s not easy for a developing country citizen like me to travel abroad. Also, every corner of Indonesia is so different even though it’s in the same island; the people, culture, norms, weather, etc are different. The first time I moved to other city was when I was 17 y.o when my parents decided to go back to their hometown in West Sumatra. I hated it back then, the fact that I had to be separated with the things and people I’d been familiar with. Ten years later, I’ve become a restless soul that always wants to be challenged by new environment periodically. It has given me long-term impacts and lessons that shape the person I am and will be. Even the ways I travel changed. Let me share some things that travels have taught me so far :D.

  1. Travel has made me realize that life is short.

Life is short to do and be something I’m not, to only read one book, to only have one perspective, to stop questioning, to not seek for answers, to be spent in only one place, to only have one dream, to learn only one skill. And most importantly, to not be shared.

2. Changes are not always scary.

Fly High Yoga by the sea in Gili Air

Starting again in new places with new people, situation etc sounded scary before for me. But I survived, I’m glad of most changes that happened, sometimes a reset button is necessary. Breaking the comfort zone is good, just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s better. It is when you’re already outside the box then you can see what’s wrong about the box.

3. The world is so big and there are so so so so so many people in the world.

The more places I visited and the more people from different background I met, the more I want to see and experience other places. This makes me realize that for me moving is one of my needs. Many people seek for settling down in one place until they’re old and die, while I don’t think myself belongs to that category. Even if I know Bali is my fave place to live, it doesn’t mean I want to stay in Bali forever. I will someday settle, just not now. Also, knowing that there are billions of billions of people in the world–I mean yeah of course all people know the big number of population, but many of us choose to trap ourselves into small community; like people in our city or our country only–makes me more optimistic in life that it doesn’t matter if one person doesn’t agree with nor like me, there are still billions of people in the world, even Trump is still liked by some people. It doesn’t matter if I feel I don’t belong with people in West Sumatra, maybe I just happened to be a black sheep, I met people who are like me–the black sheep–in Bali, whose homes are away from homes. There will be a lot of places in the world that are more willing to accept who you are, you just need to find where it is.

4. The more I travel, the more I need less.

The moment of packing and unpacking are the times I know I’ve been collecting or wanting things I don’t actually need. It’s the time I have to decide which one to keep in my life. I still don’t travel light, but for people who know me and with so many things I had back home, it’s an achievement to pack my life into just some briefcases. It makes me realize that if I’m ok with it during travelling, then I will be okay with same at home. The more I don’t understand why people could be so obsessed with having a big big family home, taking loans for big house, fancy cars, electricities, etc. That makes more sense to me if it’s for property business, but I can’t see myself living in a big house because I don’t need that. I need plane tickets, enough money and health.

5. Self-discovery.

I’ve read somewhere that if you want to find yourself, leave your home. My self-discovery process happens faster every time I am away from home, my goals get clearer.

6. Travel gives me hope and faith that THAT kind of life is possible.

Since my childhood, my parents and most adults around me taught me how scary it is to have no uniforms, which means a job in institution or company. I believe that every generation has their own advantage from the previous generations, hence we should not live with the same fears. My generation’s advantage is the advance of information and communication technology. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Nomad living is possible which allow us to make money from anywhere we want. It makes it possible to earn in different currency. That if I really want something to happen, there’s always ways. Travel allows me to meet alike-minded people who many of them are more successful in their 30s than my parents who worked for over 30 years in institutions. And what great about these people are their energy and creativity that are always alive and pumped.

7. Complaint less, be more patient and grateful.

When you just move to a new place, then expect the unexpected, things go out of plans and it’s okay. I saw how people can live with less and still be happy which all too often we forget how to live like that.

8. Shop less, experience more.

I can say I’ve been very lucky to be able to travel myself since young age. But the way I travel and how I see it have changed a lot. I used to only target big cities with big malls during the sale season, travel was only about shopping for me. I always flew back with extra baggage than when I left. Doing it for years, I always felt exhausted after the holiday (and broke, of course), also felt rushed during the travel. I used to list so many shopping agenda in my itinerary for a 2-3 day holiday. I think that’s how most Indonesians are like during holidays, we try to go to as many destination as possible in super short time that we don’t really enjoy our visit anymore, it’s become more like a check-list than a relaxing holiday. Now I prefer to have much less agenda and be more spontaneous. I rarely shop unless it’s something very special that I still think of after 3 days, by then I know I really want it rather than an impulse buying. I buy something that I will use and remind me of the place when I see and use it. Someday when my hair turns grey, it’s the experience that I will remember, not how many and expensive things I bought.

9. Enjoy solo travelling while you can.

The idea of travelling with a partner and family may sound tempting to many. I have friends who missed their travelling opportunities or chances to move somewhere only because of waiting for a life partner to arrive. That’s not me, at least for this moment. Most of the time for me at this moment, I want to have a time for myself. When I get married, I will less likely have it anymore, I will have husband and kids to travel with for years. So now is my time for my self (before I get stuck with them, LOL). It’s nice to have a travel partner sometimes, but not every time.


So that’s my ode to travel. I’m sure that’s not all yet–at least what I can think of for now. I want to continue living like this, moving place to place, looking forward to more adventures and changes for the better because nothing is more exciting than seeing who I will be at the end of each one. PS: this year I will have my first international travels, can’t wait!!

My Youtube Milestone: 500 Subs!


Celebration time!!

Today my youtube channel just hit a milestone of 500 subscribers in less than a year with 14 videos! I know that for many people 500 subs mean nothing, but for me, even 10 subs is big and I really appreciate them 😀 . I mean, they’re real people, not just numbers, we should see and treat people as people, not just digits on our profile page to show off to others. Showing off and fame are not the reason why I make content (videos and writings), it’s because I love sharing and the people who love sharing. So, knowing what I made have influenced other people, even for just 4 minutes, that’s priceless!

A month ago, I just wrote about my Youtube start for the first time, and at that time–25 Nov 2017–I had 340 subbies. Fast forward to today (2 months later), it’s risen to 500! At this time, in every 48 hours, my videos are shared on other soc-med platforms for at least three times!

I actually have posted 18 videos on Youtube but I took down some videos after evaluating my 11 months being on Youtube that now I need to only focus on only 1-2 streams into only tutorials and review vids. This also because I’ve seen how my craft blog, craft shop and vids have synergised together, then I decided to remove/ separate the contents that are not consistent with that stream. I’m thinking about changing my channel’s name to my craft shops name because tutorials videos seem to be my specialty, I can’t never be a travel vlogger, I’ve tried and couldn’t enjoy my trips because of vlogging!

Every big thing starts with one small step. Even Pewdiepie hit 1000 subs after his 100th videos. Thank you so much for all the subs, likes, dislikes, views, comments and shares. They mean a lot to me 😀 . For you who happen to read this post and haven’t subbed, please visit and see if you like my channel 😀

Have a great year, everyone!



I hate doing DIYs.

That’s such a lie if it’s coming from me.

As it’s very obvious, I’m the type of girl who loves making things, I give people that I care about handmade gifts (well maybe some of them prefer branded stuffs than my gifts, but I don’t care, I’m poor. Lol.). So as my dedication to the world of DIYs, I decided to start a special blog for craft that’s not related to my personal life and political point of view.


Unlike this blog, the new blog: www.craftopia.id , is neutral from my political agenda with aliens to take over the world and kick out patriarchy. It’s purely about creative stuffs, from DIYs, tutorials and creative product reviews, ranging not only about sewing and room decor DIYs, but also tech-related How-Tos, like setting up blogs/ blog layout, basic graphic design, and movie/photo editing.

Beside as a marketing strategy for my brand, CRAFTOPIA–I dont want to just sell products, I also want to educate–this blog is also my ways to give solution to the problem of the scarcity of Indonesian craft blogs. There are many good craft blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Tilly and the Buttons etc but they’re all in English, meanwhile I’m from a country where less than 50% of the population understand English well. That’s why my DIYs youtube videos are in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. I specify my target market to Indonesians (well, it’s the 4th largest population in the world! Still not a small market ;D )

There are some Indonesian craft bloggers, yet their craft posts are mixed with their personal lives, meanwhile others are too formal in language. For instance, Indonesian sewing blogs that I found are still using too formal language and boring lay-outs. All this time, craft lovers have been associated with dullness and away from cool or sexy. So I want to change the stereotypes, with more lively layout and language.

This is the first time I subs to paid blog hosting and domain, I see it as an investment. I designed everything by myself, including the layout even though I’m not a coder, haha thank’s Uncle Google! Took days for me to make the landing page and everything! –..–“

Lately I’ve been busy with my fashion project, so I haven’t got back to the blog, however, even with just few posts, it already has stable daily views. So I’m positive about it once I get the time to put my head back to it. I hope that it can connect me with alike-minded people. Please kindly visit and follow, you’re welcome to contribute articles too!

Pengalaman gw jadi trader dadakan

Sekitar 2-3 tahun yang lalu, belum banyak orang di Indonesia yang tau tentang cryptocurrency. Sekarang ini, gw udah beberapa kali liat bapak-bapak driver gojek yang lagi ngetem di warteg mantengin situs exchange/trading crypto Indonesia. Memang berdasarkan riset beberapa media, tahun 2017 kemaren yang membuat value crypto semakin tinggi adalah tingginya angka investor dari kalangan mom-and-pop speculators, bukan lagi dari kalangan bos-bos besar semata.

Gw sendiri pun, yang cuma cewek biasa tanpa background trading sama sekali,  sudah mendapatkan keuntungan yang (bagi gw sih) besar. Cukup untuk membiayai hidup gw di Bali buat ambil kursus fashion design yang alamakjang mahal bingit– biaya gw kuliah S1 selama empat tahun gak ada apa-apanya dengan vocational school ini yang pertemuannya bisa dihitung. Dan, cukup pula untuk membiaya produksi koleksi design pertama gw yang akan launching bulan February nanti (berhubung gw standarnya tinggi alias sok elit, gw selektif banget sama bahan kain, tekor pisan eke, hiks!) Eitsss…. jangan cepet tergiur dengan kalimat-kalimat gw yang barusan, karena kenyataannya gak segampang itu. Gw bikin tulisan ini karena masih sedikitnya resource berbahasa Indonesia tentang pengalaman trading crypto, sebaiknya dipikir-dipikir dulu sebelum mau gambling uang DP rumah, atau biaya susu anak buat trading crypto. Karena pengalaman gw meraup untung dari crypto currency datang dengan dua kejadian yang sangat berbeda.

Kejadian pertama gw murni karena gw hoki banget, kata kakek gw sih gw ini hokinya gede sedangkan abang gw itu pintar, jujur gw tersinggung dengan komen ini, huh! Seperti kebanyakan orang awam, coin crypto yang gw kenal pertama kali adalah Bitcoin yang harganya saat ini masih yang paling tinggi. Waktu gw pertama kali kenal, harganya masih di bawah 20 juta rupiah (per Januari 2018, harga 1 Bitcoin berkisar di Rp 240 juta). Gw tau Bitcoin dari internet dan temen-temen bule gw, salah satu temen bule gw malah udah bikin rumah, perusahaan, ngegaji 5 orang karyawan dari trading crypto yang dia udah lakukan selama 3 tahun. Temen gw ini, sebut saja si Tarjo, menjadikan trader sebagai pekerjaan utamanya sampai saat ini. Terus gw cari dong success stories dari penambang Bitcoin, dan ya gw tergiur buat naro uang, daripada gw taro di deposito bank. Karena yang gw baca cuma success stories doank, ya jadi pemikiran gw tentang crypto cuma yang indah-indahnya aja. Tarjo bilang, kunci utama untuk newbie adalah untuk ‘HANYA MEMULAI DENGAN JUMLAH UANG YANG LO GAK TAKUT KALO HILANG’. Kalo bagi lo, kehilangan 1 juta bikin lo sedih, ya jangan. Mulai dengan Rp 500 ribu ke bawah.

Yaudah deh saat itu gw bisa dibilang cuma ngasal aja naro duit karena gw fikir yaudah lah toh gw juga belum mau make saat itu, jumlahnya masih di angka yang gw gak akan sedih banget kalo kehilangan. Jadi gw gak pernah yang namanya ngecheckin harga, or duit gw nambah apa enggak. Trus entah kenapa dengan begonya (sumpah ini bego banget, jangan ditiru, gw cuma hoki!) gw naro duit lagi dengan jumlah yang gw udah ngerasa ngenes kalo ilang. Buat gw yang masih level tempe ini, kalo udah di atas Rp 2,5 juta udah bisa bikin gw pingin mecahin kaca kalo hilang. Tapi karena waktu itu emang gw lagi gak butuh dalam waktu dekat, jadi gw gak pernah ngecheck. Sampe gw lupa kalo duit gw disana.

Beberapa bulan setelahnya, gw sampai di point dimana gw merasa mau gak mau gw harus ambil pendidikan dan pengalaman di dunia fashion design kalo gw emang mau terjun sepenuhnya, ini bukan hal yang semudah belajar dari youtube doank (walopun youtube udah ngebantu ilmu gw banyak banget sih..) Karena selama gw di Sumatra Barat, pendidikan dan pengalaman yang gw dapetin bener-bener minim karena susah cari designer disana yang mau berbagi, kalo pun ada, mereka masang tarif yang gak kira-kira, padahal mereka mengajar tanpa modul. Ya males lah gw, mendingan gw keluar Sumbar. Barulah gw inget sama duit gw itu, pas gw buka, sumpah gw kaget banget ternyata harga Bitcoin udah naek 5 kali lipat, begitu juga duit gw! Pikir gw, mungkin karena emang niat gw baik, untuk belajar, jadi ada aja rezeki. Yaudah deh duitnya langsung gw tarik. Saat itu gw gak mau hold Bitcoinnya karena menurut gw investasi gw yang paling penting adalah peningkatan ilmu dan skills, buat apa duit banyak di tabungan tapi gak bisa dipake dan dinikmatin.

Ternyata, setelah dijalani, gw menyadari kalo estimasi biaya gw kurang dan butuh 2 kali lipat lagi kalo gw mau tenang sampai end target gw tercapai. Pusing dong gueh, gimana cara cepat buat dapet easy money. Yang kefikiran pertama kali ya Bitcoin, tapi gw gak bisa menunggu lama berbulan-bulan seperti sebelumnya, gw butuh cepat karena waktu gw terbatas. Jadi kali ini gw bener-bener ambil resiko dengan menggunakan SELURUH uang gw satu-satunya, ada kemungkinan kalo gw bisa mencapai atau lebih dari target, atau malah gw besoknya langsung jadi gembel di Bali. Disini lah baru gw merasakan kerasnya dunia trading. Jangan percaya deh kalo liat video-video anak ABG di youtube yang udah bilang pendapatan sekian per hari dari trading, gak segampang itu cuy prakteknya!

Karena kali ini gw make duit seluruhnya, gw pelajari cara ngebaca chart, analysis, dan banyak-banyak baca situs news crypto, situasi politik yang berkemungkinan mempengaruhi harga. Kali ini gak cuma main di koin besar seperti Bitcoin, tapi lebih ke koin-koin kecil seperti Ripple, Dash, ETH, XLM, etc. Dengan koin kecil, persentase gw lebih besar, jadi kalo naik, ya gw untung gede, kalo turun ya gw rugi gede. Dan gw bener-bener intense trading, hampir 24 jam selama 3 minggu full! Gw hampir gak bisa ngapa-ngapain selain mantengin market, sampe aktivitas utama gw di fashion design sempat terganggu karena gw gak fokus. Mata gw sampe kering, belom pernah seumur hidup gw mata gw berasa kayak gini. Selama 3 minggu ini, hidup dan perasaan gw seperti diobok-obok. Hari ini mungkin dapet profit 3 juta, tapi besoknya hilang 7 juta, atau sebaliknya. Gimana coba rasanya lo liat di depan mata lo duit lo hilang belasan juta dalam hitungan detik gara-gara internet lo nge-lag waktu lagi set limit. Saldo lo saat ini bukan lah saldo lo yang seutuhnya, karena kemungkinan selalu ada selama uang itu belom lo transfer ke rekening lo. In the end, gw berhasil menghasilkan lebih dari 20 juta selama 3 minggu itu, sesuai dengan target gw di awal. Dan gw memutuskan untuk berhenti sama sekali trading karena gw babak belur, physically and emotionally! Kondisi fisik mempengaruhi our emotional state. Kalo gw terusin, gw gak bahagia hidup kayak gini, karena gw sampe di titik dimana gw gak bisa trust diri gw sendiri buat nyebrang jalan, nah bayangin segitu parahnya! Yang ada di kepala gw cuma fluktuasi harga terbaru, sampe-sampe pas gw lagi beli ketoprak dan ditanya mau berapa banyak cabenya, gw malah jawab dengan harga koin terbaru. Waks! Buat apa gw tinggal di salah satu pulau terindah di dunia tapi gw gak bisa nikmatin, buat apa dikasih sehat tapi minta sakit. Tapi walopun demikian gw akui, sejauh ini, ini rekor penghasilan 1 bulan gw yang paling tinggi, selama dulu gw kerja aja gak pernah sampe segini, apalagi dalam waktu yang sesingkat ini. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang, duit segitu mah cuil yah… bagi gua sih udah wow, hehe…

Dari pengalaman gw yang udah gw jabarin, beda banget kan perbandingannya kejadian pertama dan kedua. Di kejadian pertama gw bisa tenang, masih bisa nikmatin hidup. Kejadian kedua, gw sadar-gak-sadar bermain dengan emosi, susah untuk rational karena gw menggunakan duit yang gw butuhkan. Gw sempet bertanya apakah gw seperti karena gw gak work smart ya, mungkin kalo smart trader kerjanya gak segininya… Gw konsul dengan si Tarjo, tapii selama gw kenal dia, memang Tarjo ini salah satu orang yang paling hardworking yang gw kenal. Sampe waktu dia liburan ke Bali aja dia tetep gak bisa bener-bener liburan karena harus check market. Tarjo bilang, “Welcome to my world! It’s a living hell, haha!”, Tarjo mengakui udah beberapa kali pengobatan mata, penyakit terbaru dia adalah cidera pergelangan tangan karena kelamaan di depan laptop (pergelangan tangan yang tidak aktif bergerak dan berdiam di posisi yang sama dalam waktu lama ternyata bisa menyebabkan cidera!)

Lo bisa bilang dengan gampang, “beli pas merah, jual pas ijo”, pas prakteknya gak segampang itu, mbah! Lo gak bisa tau tu candle merah bakalan sepanjang apa, walopun menurut ilmu dan analysis ini-itu bakalan berada di titik support sekian. Yang udah expert aja masih meleset, apalagi gw yang trader dadakan kemaren sore. Yang udah belajar baca chart, news etc aja masih meleset, apalagi yang cuma bermodal iman! Contohnya aja, pertengahan Desember 2017 kemaren harga Bitcoin berada di all-time high Rp 290 juta, langsung dalam kurang dari 25 menit saja dropped ke 210 juta, sampe sekarang–3 minggu kemudian–harga Bitcoin belum pulih juga. Karena lo gak bisa sepenuhnya membaca reaksi pasar dan sentimen apa yang dirasakan pasar terhadap suatu koin, tiap tahun, bulan, minggu, atau hari atau jam pasti beda.

Beberapa poin yang bisa gw jadikan pelajaran dari pengalaman trading gw:

  • Hanya gunakan uang yang lw gak takut ilang kalo lo masih mau tidur nyenyak. Jangan gunain uang yang seharusnya buat DP motor, pendidikan anak, etc buat trading. Karena gimana pun juga, sejauh ini crypto trading masih bergantung pada spekulasi. Kalo aja gw trading dengan uang yang gw gak takut ilang, gw gak akan kebawa emosi segampang itu dalam mengambil keputusan kapan harus cut loss atau hold. Jangan mudah tergiur dengan cerita-cerita tentang kaya mendadak karena bitcoins dan langsung aja mempertaruhkan biaya hidup keluarga di cryptocurrency. **Talk to myself. Kalo gw sih masih mending, tanggungan hidup gw masih diri gw sendiri, kalo gw gagal ya yang rugi gw. Nah kalo yang udah pada berkeluarga kan bisa berabeee….
  • Control your own greed. Beberapa kesalahan yang gw lakukan adalah karena gw gak mengontrol kemarukan gw. One of my mentors told me, the biggest enemy in business is not your competitor but your own greed. Padahal hari itu gw udah profit cukup, tapi gw mau lebih, ujug-ujug gw malah lost lebih besar dari profit. Kan gak mungkin yang namanya harga uptrend mulu. Hidup gak segampang itu cuy! Nah kalo udah kayak gini, kebawa emosi nih. Trading kalo pake emosi sumpah bahaya banget! Begitu juga saat ngesetting limit jual/beli, gak usah terlalu maruk lah, karena nyangkut itu rasanya merana, bos!
  • Don’t put in all of your money in one coin. Jangan terlalu cinta atau kepedean sama satu coin. Kalo satu koin jatuh, lw masih ada back-up dari koin lain.
  • Do your own research tentang potensi suatu koin (walopun, again, ini semua berdasarkan spekulasi, media juga kadang dibayar si developer coin kan buat promosi). Jangan hanya bergantung dengan apa yang lo baca di chat room, karena banyak orang dengan berbagai kepentingan dan latar belakang pendidikan yang berbeda-beda disana. Penyebar hoax ada dimana-mana.
  • English is very important! Fluktuasi harga (walopun beda negara/exchange bisa beda harga) dipengaruhi oleh banyak hal, seperti situasi politik di negara lain. Update tentang hal ini mostly berbahasa Inggris, jangan berani ambil resiko gede kalo bahasa Inggris lo masih bergantung sama Google Translate, udah tau Google Translate masih sering error, masa lo mau mempertaruhkan nasib lo sama mesin!
  • Semua koin berawal dari harga rendah, BTC sebelum di harga 200 jutaan juga bermulai di harga receh.
  • Gak selamanya CL (cut loss) itu buruk. Gw heran kalo baca di CR masih aja ada orang yang berbangga hold suatu koin padahal udah jatoh 70% and keeps getting worse, gak jelas tujuan ni orang apa, lo ini trader apa tukang jaga koin??
  • Jangan confuse tujuan lo antara mengumpulkan koin, atau mengumpulkan rupiah, itu dua hal yang berbeda. Kalo lo mengumpulkan koin, bisa jadi jumlah koin lo banyak tapi profit lo berkurang, atau profit lo bertambah tapi jumlah koin lo berkurang. Orang yang ngumpulin koin biasanya untuk investasi jangka panjang. Orang yang butuh duit cepet  buat daily life kayak gw sebaiknya mengumpulkan IDR.
  • Kalo udah profit, sebaiknya IDR disimpan, dan trade lagi hanya dengan modal awal. Jangan dengan seluruh IDR (modal dan profit). Ini emang hal basic, tapi sering banget kelupaan deh!
  • Trading ini masalah serius, gak bisa dijadiin part-time job atau income sampingan. Jangan mimpi deh. Cerita gw di awal emang gw hoki banget, tapi gak semua orang bisa hoki gitu. Ada tuh temen gw yang dia hold suatu koin tanpa trading, trus harga tu koin naik berkali-kali lipat. Dia udah merasa jadi orang pintar banget karena gak ngapa-ngapain eeeh jadi kaya mendadak. Belum sempet ber-euphoria, tau-tau harga turun jauh di bawah harga waktu dia beli. Langsung zonk donk matanya. Tapi lumayan lah ya, udah ngerasain jadi orang pintar, walopun sesaat. Untungnya dia punya main job yang gajinya gede pake banget (ya maklum lah namanya juga expats di Indonesia), dan dia juga beli dengan jumlah yang menurut dia cetek. Jadi gak berasa sedih banget dia hilang di bawah 5 juta mah, cuma sebel aja dia dikasih PHP sama coin, haha..

    Dari pengalaman yang udah jelasin, gw udah menaikkan bendera putih dari dunia trading, gak mau deh gw hidup kayak gini. Gw salut lah sama si Tarjo yang melakukan ini semua demi dia bisa pensiun dini di umur 35 tahun. Dia bilang, “Gw bakal kerja abis-abisan sampe umur gw 35 tahun dan pensiun dini, nikmatin hidup dan melakukan hal lain.” Ya iya sih bener, tapi lah kalo iya dengan gaya hidup kayak gini bisa ngebuat gw sehat sampe umur 35, lah kalo dengan hidup di masa muda kayak gini terus mah, bisa-bisa udah KO gw nanti di sebelum umur 35, gimana mau nikmatin hidupnya? Sekarang gw gak mau maruk profit lagi, berhubung gw merasa udah mengumpulkan sedikit lebih dari target gw, lebih baik gw berhenti beresiko. Karena waktu dan tenaga yang gw berikan untuk trading bagi gw gak worth it kalo dibanding dengan apa yang gw lewatkan dan korbankan. Gw masih ada hold beberapa koin yang gw anggap potensial namun dalam jumlah sedikit, yang kalo duit gw harus ilang, dalam jumlah segitu gw gak sedih banget lah, kalo naik ya syukur. Anggep aja untung-untung berhadiah.

    Mungkin lebay banget ya cerita gw ini, ya maklum lah gw kan bukan trader atau pun financial expert. Jadi mental gw gak kuat untuk bertahan lama-lama. Salut lah gw sama traders sejati, gak sanggup gw ngejalanin hidup lo, hehehe…

    Two, O, Seventeen

    I’m writing this while lousy new year party’s fireworks are outside, coloring Bali’s night sky, every corner in Bali has its own firework party.

    Can’t believe it’s already a brand new year. Time flies fast when you’re enjoying what you’re doing. My 2017 was great, especially since the second semester of the year, after my 27th birthday. Or maybe my 27th is great.

    I am happy that every year of my life I’ve never had a dull year so far, hard times yes but never dull. Because I always try new things every year, every age. There’s always new lessons I got, new skills I improved. Haven’t achieved all that I planned this year, because life happened and plans changed, but I have major goals that I’ve carried out.

    The greatest thing about this year for me is the fact that I’ve lived in three different places in just one year; Lampung, West Sumatra and Bali. Meaning I moved every 3-4 months. The beginning of this year I started with big decision to come back to my parents’ house in West Sumatra after having been away from home for almost 10 years. It’s actually normal in Indonesian culture for kids to stay at their parents’ even until after marriage, but I had too much pride to do that, to admit that I needed them to help me go through the hard times, in order for me to achieve next steps. I felt very embarrassed before but in the end it’s proven as the right step, I am glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have been experiencing what I have now in Bali.

    I can say 2017 is my most favorite year of my 27 years dwelling this planet Earth. The more I explore my self, the more I love life and living. 2015 was like the moment I started to be ‘awake’. 2016 was very hard, like my rock bottom since the ‘awakening’ as the consequences of all the turns and directions I decided to take that were very different from what I used to do/be in many aspects. In 2017, things slowly got better, even though the first semester was very stressful for me, affected by my past relationship at that time. But the second semester has been really great, I could put more focus on my plans without feeling being pressured, I’ve been back to who I am, easy-going, chilled, and carefree. I’ve become my own person. I’ve met people from whom I can learn many things, new experiences and led me to have clearer goals and how-tos. Even though maybe we met for just one week, one hour or even 10 mins, there must be reasons why we met.

    This year I started my youtube channel and this blog, also made another new blog specialized in crafts and DIYs. My craft shop with my cute aprons has been running pretty well (but since I’m in Bali, I close orders due to my busyness with my course and first collection production. But still I got customers who wanted to order even though I didn’t promote my shop when in Bali.)

    In 2017, I went to several cities and places with people I met offline and online. Maybe there are still some aspects in my life that I still haven’t found the best answer yet, but that is life and I don’t want to put pressures to my self about things that I cant control, what I can do is to just react, adapt and overcome. I decided I’m done including other people’s plans in my plans, I just wanna focus on my plans and see who I will meet during the journey. Because I can’t force myself to run in accordance to other people’s timer. Neither can I do the same to other people.

    I was not really sure when starting my channel and blog(s), now I’m glad I did what I am doing. Things are just getting better. Slowly but sure.

    In 2017, I’ve learned to be more patient, that everything good takes process, endurance and consistency. Can be full with trials and errors sometimes, and I lost my motivation for some moments, because I felt that I’ve tried to give my best efforts, but it resulted below my expectation and deadlines I set for myself. I felt sad and cried, feeding my mind with negative thoughts; maybe I should stop, maybe I am not good, maybe I can never get better, maybe I started things too late. But then I got back to it, evaluate what I missed and try to admit I can’t do everything, but I can either drop it, delegate it or add something to it. And I keep going to that direction instead of taking other new direction.

    The only thing that is a bit harder happened this year is only something that happened to my family in the end of 2017. We’re having a ‘not-easy’ time—I don’t wanna call it difficult, because we’re stronger and we’ve been through hard times before and we passed it. I keep telling my self that things can only get better.

    My first bridal collection will be ready soon in 2018 and it’s still a long process to build my dreams. I have more dreams than I did before coming to Bali, before 2017. And that’s how life should be, to never stop having goals.

    New year, new feels, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts.

    Thank’s for the ride, 2017. Let’s bring it on, 2018!