YouTube Milestone: Thank you for 2k Subs!

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In January 2018, I made a post about my YouTube channel‘s milestone of hitting 500 subscribers. Less than 8 month after that post, I’ve hit 2,000 subscribers! BOOM!

To this date, some of my videos already have 25k views and in total for all videos, I’ve had 100k views. I started my YouTube channel a year ago and been posted few other topics beside sewing, and the ones who work best are my sewing related videos. So, I’ve niched down my channel to be only about sewing for Indonesian audience. Until today, I haven’t monetized nor paid promotion on social media for my channel, I haven’t made money from Google Adsense as many youtubers do, but I can say I’ve gained credibility from people who just knew me and people who become interested to get to know me. I was also offered to talk in some events about crafts, but unfortunately I live not in the city they’re in.

People reaching out to me to other social media and told me how they really like my videos and especially the way I make tutorials, it’s easy to follow, well-structured and good quality production. Some also said that they’re inspired by my journey to become a fashion designer without going to fashion school. This is something money can’t buy!

I realized that I’ve been getting more comfortable to speak in front of camera, in my first videos, I was not myself, I followed how other Indonesian youtubers are, that’s why in my old youtube videos, the intros are a bit long, I thought that’s how I could connect to viewers. It’s totally not me, I’m more a straight-to-the-point person. Now I realized that it should not be about me, it should be about the viewers, what they want to know and how they want it to be served. And still I’ve found ways how to connect to the viewers to show my personality and story from other videos that’s not tutorials but still sewing related.

I hope this channel will keep growing as myself and career keep growing too! Thank you so much for people who’ve watched, subscribed, and reached out to me, some even still subscribed even though they don’t speak the language! Thank you so much for the support, my target for end of this year or early next year is to make a paid content on learning-teaching platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. And I’ll make them in English for international audience. This hopefully can be a source of passive income for me someday or at least I believe that it will help me to get credibility to my next secret project. If you havent subscribed, please kindly hit the red subscribe button here. Wish me luck, every one!


Youtube Milestones: Hitting 1K Subscribers!


A blessed May this year started by my youtube channel hitting 1000 subscribers after 1 year and 3 months old and 16 videos!

In end of Jan this year, I celebrated my 500th subs and three months later I hit 1000 subs! This feels good and I’m very happy about it, maybe this is not a big number for many, but I always celebrated every milestone, since just 10 followers, 100 and 500. It’s also not easy like the youtube pioneers’ era, they gained the first-mover’s advantage when the competition was different due to less competitors. Now almost everybody has youtube channel, among tons of choices, not easy to get one loyal sub.

That’s why I learned the importance to niche down to one-two streams only when you’re just starting. I am now focusing on tutorials and I niche down to only use Bahasa Indonesia instead of English, because I target Indonesian audience and we have a big population number. If I try to grab as many audience, there are already too many English craft channels with good quality, meanwhile in Indonesia’s market, there are still very few craft and DIY channels that have good recording quality and brief tutorials. This also helps my craft blog‘s audience and views to grow!

The advantage of tutorial videos is that people watch them over and over for the step by steps so my views grow fast. Now that I hit 1k, I can apply to monetize my vids due to Youtube’s changed policy in the beginning of 2018, one of them is to have at least 1000 subs.

However monetization is not my main goal, I just want to share and be useful for others because life is too short to keep everything I’ve known just for myself. Furthermore I feel flattered by people who reached out to my soc-med accounts, asked questions, etc. Better to be surrounded with people who like me for who I am than just a big numbers of followers who don’t really care about what else I can offer to the world.

To celebrate my milestone, I plan to add one more variety of content; still about tutorials, but instead of DIY tutorials, this time I will make workout tutorials because fitness is one of my main interests in life. This also is based on the same reasons like my craft stream; because less competition in Indonesian audience. I also think that more people can relate more to workout vids, because not everyone has the need or interest in making DIYs. Every time I posted my workout vids on IG stories, I always got more views. So why not give it a try, we’ll see! But it’s gonna be more challenging than craft videos because I know people will then attack or comment on my physical appearance, I will be more body-conscious than before!

Thank you so much for people who’ve supported or even doubted me this far, those helped me to this. If you haven’t subbed yet, please visit and see if you like my channel 😀