YouTube Milestone: Thank you for 2k Subs!

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In January 2018, I made a post about my YouTube channel‘s milestone of hitting 500 subscribers. Less than 8 month after that post, I’ve hit 2,000 subscribers! BOOM!

To this date, some of my videos already have 25k views and in total for all videos, I’ve had 100k views. I started my YouTube channel a year ago and been posted few other topics beside sewing, and the ones who work best are my sewing related videos. So, I’ve niched down my channel to be only about sewing for Indonesian audience. Until today, I haven’t monetized nor paid promotion on social media for my channel, I haven’t made money from Google Adsense as many youtubers do, but I can say I’ve gained credibility from people who just knew me and people who become interested to get to know me. I was also offered to talk in some events about crafts, but unfortunately I live not in the city they’re in.

People reaching out to me to other social media and told me how they really like my videos and especially the way I make tutorials, it’s easy to follow, well-structured and good quality production. Some also said that they’re inspired by my journey to become a fashion designer without going to fashion school. This is something money can’t buy!

I realized that I’ve been getting more comfortable to speak in front of camera, in my first videos, I was not myself, I followed how other Indonesian youtubers are, that’s why in my old youtube videos, the intros are a bit long, I thought that’s how I could connect to viewers. It’s totally not me, I’m more a straight-to-the-point person. Now I realized that it should not be about me, it should be about the viewers, what they want to know and how they want it to be served. And still I’ve found ways how to connect to the viewers to show my personality and story from other videos that’s not tutorials but still sewing related.

I hope this channel will keep growing as myself and career keep growing too! Thank you so much for people who’ve watched, subscribed, and reached out to me, some even still subscribed even though they don’t speak the language! Thank you so much for the support, my target for end of this year or early next year is to make a paid content on learning-teaching platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. And I’ll make them in English for international audience. This hopefully can be a source of passive income for me someday or at least I believe that it will help me to get credibility to my next secret project. If you havent subscribed, please kindly hit the red subscribe button here. Wish me luck, every one!



I hate doing DIYs.

That’s such a lie if it’s coming from me.

As it’s very obvious, I’m the type of girl who loves making things, I give people that I care about handmade gifts (well maybe some of them prefer branded stuffs than my gifts, but I don’t care, I’m poor. Lol.). So as my dedication to the world of DIYs, I decided to start a special blog for craft that’s not related to my personal life and political point of view.


Unlike this blog, the new blog: , is neutral from my political agenda with aliens to take over the world and kick out patriarchy. It’s purely about creative stuffs, from DIYs, tutorials and creative product reviews, ranging not only about sewing and room decor DIYs, but also tech-related How-Tos, like setting up blogs/ blog layout, basic graphic design, and movie/photo editing.

Beside as a marketing strategy for my brand, CRAFTOPIA–I dont want to just sell products, I also want to educate–this blog is also my ways to give solution to the problem of the scarcity of Indonesian craft blogs. There are many good craft blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Tilly and the Buttons etc but they’re all in English, meanwhile I’m from a country where less than 50% of the population understand English well. That’s why my DIYs youtube videos are in Bahasa Indonesia instead of English. I specify my target market to Indonesians (well, it’s the 4th largest population in the world! Still not a small market ;D )

There are some Indonesian craft bloggers, yet their craft posts are mixed with their personal lives, meanwhile others are too formal in language. For instance, Indonesian sewing blogs that I found are still using too formal language and boring lay-outs. All this time, craft lovers have been associated with dullness and away from cool or sexy. So I want to change the stereotypes, with more lively layout and language.

This is the first time I subs to paid blog hosting and domain, I see it as an investment. I designed everything by myself, including the layout even though I’m not a coder, haha thank’s Uncle Google! Took days for me to make the landing page and everything! –..–“

Lately I’ve been busy with my fashion project, so I haven’t got back to the blog, however, even with just few posts, it already has stable daily views. So I’m positive about it once I get the time to put my head back to it. I hope that it can connect me with alike-minded people. Please kindly visit and follow, you’re welcome to contribute articles too!

Cute Aprons by CRAFTOPIA

cIMG_0893One of the products that I make on my online shop is the very stylish and girlish aprons. You know I love making things, especially cute things. Making apron is one of the new things I’ve tried this year since March 2017. I started my online craft shop in late 2013, but because of my job at that time, I only did pillows for 2 years because making pillows is the easiest and fastest crafts to make for me. It was going really well, like I made 80 pillows every month at the same time having a full-time day job. It made me have no life. LOL. But because of my job, I hibernated my shop for about a year or more. It’s in mid 2016 that I started to focus on my shop again. However, of course I couldn’t make a comeback with the same strategy. Also making only pillows for enough time doesn’t make me proud. I challenged myself with more complicated crafts, started with yoga bags then aprons.

The aprons that CRAFTOPIA makes are possibly too stylish and fancy to be actually worn for cooking, I know, hehe. Well I design them not for actual kitchen-related activities as the function of aprons has shifted to many ways. My shop can be called a gift shop, so my customers usually buy them for gifts for girlfriends, friends, mothers etc or for their own selves because they love cute things. My customers also range to business owners (mostly fashion boutiques and culinary business) who want to set a uniforms for their employees instead of giving the employees clothes which costs more money. With aprons, the employers do not need to think about the size nor worry if the staff quits, they don’t need to buy new clothes for future new staffs as aprons can fit all size. So the employees usually just wear t-shirts underneath the aprons.

Also, people ordered to me for special occasions like pre-wedding, bridal showers, and even arisan! I like to be part of other people’s happiness, if my crafts make people happy and their special days more special, that means more than material rewards. I myself maybe haven’t flown all over my country, but I know thousands of my products have been spread all over Indonesia.

Sewing apron is also the baby steps for me to eventually make clothes. I set the target that this year I have to able to sew clothes. Follow my creative passion on my shop’s IG account and youtube channel. And here are some of my apron designs. To shop, click here.

Have a nice day, peeps!