30 Days in One Post

I was Pinteresting and this was recommended to me.


Another 30-Day Writing Challenge, I failed the one I started before last year, that’s when I knew I have a commitment issue. But this seems interesting. Looking back at my failure to be committed for 30 days, I’ll just complete this in one post. So, I’ll answer each question briefly and try to make them meaningful, educative, informative, intelligent, and all the good adjectives in English.

  1. My blog’s name: It’s my name, the reason why I name it after mine is because I’m a competitive person. If you google my name, “Citra Ayu Wardani”, you’ll find so many people that has the same name. So I wanna be the only one Citra Ayu Wardani that stands out of all Citra Ayu Wardanis. It’s like me competing with myself that’s not myself.

2. 20 facts about me: That’s already answered by my whole blog. Just read some of my posts, you’ll get more than 20 facts. #MarketingStrategy

3. My favorite quote: “Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect.”

4. My dream job: Everything that has the word ‘designer’ in it. Well, my top is fashion designer who is also a graphic designer/ illustrator and teaches yoga in some days in a week, who is also an author, and interviews people on her show/ channel/ podcast and occasionally takes photos and acts on stage. I don’t wanna be only one thing.

5. My proudest moment: When I made my first dress and saw how it was worn by other people.

6. What I’m afraid of: My mom’s missed calls in my phone.

7. 5 favorite songs: I’m very bad at limiting my self into favorite lists, I have so many. But mostly songs by The Beatles and an Indonesian jazz band, Mocca.

8. 5 current goals:

  1. Mastering digital technical drawing for fashion
  2. Mastering graphic design (both theory and softwares)
  3. Build professional online portofolio
  4. Networking with people in the industry
  5. Be more consistent to post videos on my youtube channel and do yoga by myself

9. What’s in my bag: My purse, tablet, small Hermes perfume, nude-shade lip cream, earphones, and a sachet of Fisherman’s Friend.

10. Best trip of my life: Almost every trip is special for me, if I already chose one, it means I would not need to travel anymore. Now is too soon to pick, ask me again when I’m 70 (if I’m still alive).

11. 10 Favorite foods: The unhealthy ones. Especially ice cream.

12. My favorite childhood books: “Three Little Pigs” (Tiga Babi Kecil). That’s the first book my mom ever bought me and I cant forget how I was excited to read it because I just learned how to read, I read literally from the first pages (publisher’s name, copyright etc) which was in English, it’s so hard to read, I sweat like in a sauna just thought, “Why this story book doesnt make any sense??”. And my own diaries, since I was a kid, I liked to write diary and then  I laughed at my own writings. Reading them again at 28, I don’t understand how my brain worked 22 years ago.

13. What’s inside my fridge: I dont have any, it’s my mom’s. So it’s a typical mom’s fridge with typical mom’s stuff.

14. Three healthy habits: waking-up early, yoga, my whole skincare routine.

15. Where I will be in 5 years: Either in Bali or somewhere abroad, has established myself in creative fields, working freelance still running my fashion business on the side, having online courses as passive income and still looking for more sources, and hopefully already married and have kid(s) or preggo with first baby, I hope with the same person I have in mind right now. (Yeah, you’re right, it’s Liam Hemsworth. LOL). And I hope that my future kids get only my look, not my personality, I can’t stand other hyperactive person in the house.

16. Thoughts on education: more important than religion.

17. Favorite blog: mine

18. A photograph of myself: 


19. Favorite movies: Girl, Interrupted“, “Lion“, “The Act of Killing“, “The Look of Silence“, “Cin(t)a“, “Radit & Jani“, “500 Days of Summer“.

20. What makes me happy: knowing that something that I made is useful for other people. And ice cream.

21. What makes me sad: my bank account after travelling, electricity black-out, my procrastination, discrimination.

22. Your worst habit: procrastination.

23. If I won the lottery: depends on how much I win but first I will keep quiet because I dont wanna attract attention and become a crime target. I’ll suddenly disappear and go somewhere quiet and safe for planning what to do with the money. 15% person of it I will probably use for travelling, buying gifts for my loved ones, 5% for study/ course, personal development and the rest I will put on some different investments (maybe property, or other business) so that for the next years I can live from the interest at least, but first I need to consult someone I trust (my brother) and a financial advisor for that.

24. What attracts me (in love): I’m not gonna lie, looks matter, at least for me he’s attractive. Then whether he can get my jokes or not and vice versa. And how passionate he is with what he’s doing. Also, the most important thing is his willingness to make the relationship work. The older I am, the more I realize admiration is not enough.

25. My biggest regret: being a good daughter by following my parents’ requests in many things that I actually was not happy about.

26. My hidden talent: I don’t know, it’s so hidden that I myself cant find what it is.

27. What’s in my closet: clothes and underwear. What else do you think people have in their closet, a knife?? Well, I’m not a pscyho.

28. Most embarrassing moment: So many, I cant pick one. Here’s one that I can remember at this moment; when I was around 12-14 y.o, I was picking my nose in front of someone’s car window in a basement parking lot. I thought nobody saw me because the car window is mirror-like, then the driver opened the window down from inside the car and said, “Yo, keep digging, girl!”

29. A confession: My answer for point no. 28 really happened.

30. My hopes for my blog: it can help me the way my previous blog had helped me to get opportunities, career and friends.


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