Co-working Spaces in Bali

Millennials have brought a new style in work habits in which we prefer to be able to still make money from anywhere we want. Bali as the holiday destination is also in the digital nomads’ travel lists where they want to travel yet still be productive.

Co-working space is basically you’re renting a desk instead of a whole room or building as a place where you go to be more productive even when you’re working freelance or on your own stuffs. Maybe this sounds a bit strange, why would you leave your job to later spend money just to go to an office? Well, for many people, we can be more productive and motivated when we’re surrounded with people with the same working ambience, while at home or a nice cafe, we tend to procrastinate.

To be honest, I didn’t know about this concept until August 2017 when I came to Bali. I was totally amazed by this idea, also the fact that most co-working spaces in Bali have communities and interesting programs that help you to network or improve your knowledge in other fields. Here are some co-working spaces that I’d been to during my stay in Bali from October 2017 to March 2018. These places are located in different parts of Bali, if you don’t know, one good thing and very unique about Bali is that every area has different vibe and different characteristics of people. Say, Ubud is more like the meditation and yoga center, Kuta is for party animals, Sanur is where the oldies go to, Canggu is creative and relaxed.

  1. Kumpul Coworking

Kumpul is located in Sanur and shares the building with a creative house Rumah Sanur, a cafe and coffee shop, then a shop. Equipped with a good internet connection and office equipments (printer, fotocopy, skype rooms, lockers, infocus etc), it has a well-balanced proportion of members between locals and foreigners. Faye Alund, the founder, is also an amazing woman who likes to share and help women and communities as I’ve attended some events for women entrepreneurs that she held. It collaborates with Google and became the place where Google’s Gapura Digital initiative took place. Various membership package starts from Rp 30.000,- (USD 2.2) for hourly drop in, one day visit Rp 200.000 (USD 15) , weekly and monthly packages for 20 and 40 hours, and unlimited monthly and weekly. There’s discount for Indonesians too. However, I didn’t register myself here because lately there have been less events and people, also I’m not a Sanur people.

*Photo source: Kumpul’s IG

2. The Night Market Cafe and Coworking

It’s located about 5-7 km from Seminyak, I don’t really know what the owner’s concept of the place is. The building is nice, the cafe is also good and cheap, but for a coworking place, the music is too loud and there’s no office equipments nor community like other coworkings. But it rents out meeting rooms also with good internet connection, with electricity socket almost in every table. There’s no border between the cafe and coworking, so you can be in the same room with lovey-dovey couples, families, etc while you’re working. There’s no membership fee either, you just need to buy the food. It doesn’t open 24 hrs, and I don’t recommend coming at after 16.00 as the cafe starts to get busy.

**Photo source: The Night Market’s Instagram

3. Genius Cafe and Coworking Sanur


with my besties, Jennifer and Gaby on my last day.

Even though Sanur is not my fave in Bali, but I came to Sanur Beach almost every week for the free talks that the place holds every week. Every day it has regular free events, and my fave was the talks where people who are already experts in their own field can register themselves to host a talk, mostly business coach. During the talks, they give 50% discount on food and drinks for Indonesians and Genius members. Although it also doesn’t have office equipments, skype rooms and indoor rooms, it has a very nice community with very positive vibe. The staffs are very friendly, they remember our names. I met some good people here where I’ve learned a lot from, including Dee, the owner and founder of the place. She’s a Rusian woman with a love for Bali and dedication to women empowerment. When I visit Bali again, Genius cafe is in my must-visit list for sure, I miss the people already! Check out its price here.

4. Hubud

Hubud is the first co-working space in Bali, one of the two coworkings in Ubud. Hubud is for me one of the best, it is designed with an open space concept, surrounded by gardens, and equipped with amenities such as fast internet, a printer, a scanner, a copier, and a seminar room. Located near The Monkey Forest, next to Habitat Cafe. The people in Hubud are fun, also every week they hold regular events and most of them are free. Too bad I’m not an Ubud person, but would like to visit Hubud again in my next Bali visit.

Check out its price here.

5. Dojo

Dojo is the winner, it’s my fave coworking space, also because I’m more of a Canggu person. Well, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been to Bali. Dojo has the coolest office place because it has a pool! Yess, you can work by the pool on bean bags and if you’re lucky, hot guys usually jump into the pool, what a distraction you wish you have in your office, right? It opens 24 hours and offers you a night worker membership for you who work like an owl (read: at night). The coolest thing about Dojo is the vibe that you get from the people there, every week they hold free talks for members and public, Dojo also provides events where start-ups can meet up and network. Some successful youtubers and vloggers did talks here, I was lucky to get knowledge from them. It also has regular photography meetings. Btw, in Canggu and Ubud, people are either barefoot or in flip-flops, and when you enter the coworking space, you leave your flip-flops outside and work barefoot. Also, there’s no AC in Dojo, unless in the meeting rooms.

Check out its gallery, price and events here.

Actually, I made a youtube video on this topic, I didn’t take pics, hence I’m using photos from their own IG accounts. But if you wanna see a tour of the coworking spaces, please kindly watch my vid 😀

Happy nomad life, everyone!


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