Yoga Mat Sprays by Utama Spice

IMG_1133It’s very important to keep your yoga mat clean especially if you practice with it often. Not only that the fresh aromatherapeutic smell can energise you but also that you don’t want to get breakouts on your face as a result of a dirty mat.

When I did yoga in Bali, I noticed that almost all the yogis always clean the mats (whether the ones they brought or provided by the studios) before and after use. Most yoga studios provided yoga mat sprays, which is very different from yoga studios and gyms I’ve been to in Lampung and West Sumatra. In fancy gyms I went to, the mats are cleaned by the gym staffs weekly with brush and soaps which can damage the mats obviously. Regular yoga studios also don’t provide any yoga mat cleaning sprays. It feels gross to me that’s why I’d rather use my own. But if you’re a mobile person and do yoga while travelling, bringing your own yoga mat could be a bit troublesome. Using studio’s mats is one easier option. For that reason, having a go-to yoga mat spray could be the solution.

I made my own yoga mat spray with the how-to I learned from the internet, minus the essential oils because I couldn’t find them in West Sumatra. Sometimes I only use wet tissue to clean my mats. But was curious to try this Utama Spice’s Supa Dupa Yoga Mat Spray when I was in Bali because the brand’s other beauty products have stolen my heart and it was not pricey, only Rp 47.000 (US 4$). Then I got a gift package from Utama Spice after I made a review video, so now I have two more yoga mat sprays from Utama Spice; Energizing and Lavender.

I gotta say if compared to my homemade yoga mat sprays, these sprays by Utama Spice smell so much relaxing. It affects my practice and sooth my mind as they’re blended with essential oils. Out of the three variants, my favorite is the Energizing one meanwhile Supa Dupa that I bought is too strong for my nose, that I have to let it dry for some minutes before use to reduce the strong scent.

I have mentioned about this 100% natural beauty brand before in my previous post. It’s super quick and easy to clean your mat with this. You just need to spray it on (spray at about a 15-20 cm distance) wait for like 10 seconds for the spray to settle and then wipe it with paper towel or simply let it dry. What I like is the size that’s so travel friendly and portable.

Even though I like these yoga mat sprays, I don’t think I will repurchase after I finish all of them. Not because I dont like them, I do like them a lot, but I use yoga mat sprays often, I am too stingy to spend regularly on my yoga mat cleaning, haha. I already have essential oils by Utama Spice, so I’d prefer to create my own like I did before, but this time it will smell better coz I will use essential oils!


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