Freebies from Utama Spice


When I visited Bali two weeks ago, that’s the first time I heard about this brand I’ve fallen in love with this Bali-based skincare brand so much! Therefore I made a video about it where I review the organic skincare products that I bought in Bali, most of them are Utama Spice’s products.

And hey, the video has brought me to this gift set from Utama Spice as a thank-you gift for reviewing and choosing their products! Aww, that’s such a honor for me and that’s the first time I got gifts from my video, hehe. That makes me feel appreciated as a newbie youtuber 😀

The package came in a very cute and very Balinese tin box, my mom directly took the box when we unboxed the package. Inside, I got four lovely products that I actually wanted to buy when in Bali, but I decided in the last minutes when in the airport, so I couldn’t find them. Lucky me that the universe attracted them to me! They are:

  1. Yoga Mat Spray Lavender (100 ml);
  2. Yoga Mat Spray Energizing (100 ml);
  3. Argan Oil (30 ml);
  4. Essential Oil Lavender (10 ml).


I am really fond of organic skincare, skincare from big names such as Kiehl’s or SK-II or whatever pricey brands people are talking about on the internet are not appealing to me, so for years I have been a loyal The Body Shop customer. But the price is always increasing and I am looking for a more affordable alternative, I gotta say Utama Spice is the answer. The range of products is not as big as TBS as TBS has make-up products, while Utama Spice only focuses on body treatment. Their yoga mat sprays are one of the best-selling products, especially in Bali, the Mecca for yoga in Indonesia.

I bought one of the yoga mat spray in my Bali haul, so now I have three, and I’m loving all of them that I am too greedy to share, haha! I will make separated product review for the yoga mat sprays later.

So now I’ve collected several products from Utama Spice and will surely re-purchase them!


Learn more about and shop Utama Spice from their official page and the Instagram page. Or you can also find them on Sociolla.


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