Pouch with Detachable Pencil Case


Problems give a chance for creativity. So, don’t complain if your life has a lot of troubles, because creativity is rarely born in comfort zone.

My problem was finding the perfect organizer to store my to-go stationary, it’s either too big or too small. I am the kind of person who always carries a notebook, a real one, even though my tablet has a stylus pen to write and draw on it, the feeling is not the same. It’s like reading ebook on gadget vs. reading a real book. Besides, there’s always a possibility my tablet runs out of power.

So, I sewed my own pencilcase. On the pic above is what I always bring. That’s a lot of stuffs for some of you I guess. Sometimes I don’t need to bring all of them, and just carry a notebook and a multi-color pen.

I was inspired by make-up brush rolled case. So I make one as a pencil case. In order to make it more practical, I make it detachable to a pouch for my notebook and other stationary, like post-it book, clipper, etc. I can bring only the pencil case when I need it, or just the pouch and carry one notebook and a pen in it if my bag is already too heavy and full of other stuffs.


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