Yoga Tote Bag because I’m Practical

The best thing about being able to sew is that you can make some things that can cover what you need. Sometimes it’s hard to find a product that really meets my needs as I can be too annoyingly picky sometimes. It’s either not the perfect pink color for me or less functional. I don’t want to spend my money on things I less like just because I haven’t met the right one, I dont want to give up, I’d rather not buy it. For instance, I spent 2 hours browsing on online stores (even on IG) and called all the The Body Shop Indonesia branches in Sumatra just to find the right pink shower puff (yes, just a shower puff. Like it matters a deal), it should be the right perfect pinkyness level, not too purple and not too peachy. This example just makes the title ironic, I know.

Anyway, when I go to yoga class, I always bring some ammunitions; yoga mat, blocks, belt, water bottle, towels, extra t-shirt, gadgets and of course my wallet. Yup, I tend to carry my life on my shoulder. I used to bring two bags for my yoga mat and other stuffs separately. It’s not handy and also not safe for a forgetful person like me, I will either forget my yoga bag or my tote bag somewhere.

Hence, I came up with the idea to mix the two functions, a yoga tote bag is the result. A tote bag with adjustable straps on it to carry my yoga mat. This is great as I have mats in different thickness, so it won’t be too loose or too small, perfect for all yoga mats. For the inner, I use black polkadot cotton fabric so that it looks neat and cute.

If you’re a yogi and have the same needs like mine, you can browse and shop on my online craft shop,CRAFTOPIA, for more variety of patterns. FYI, I don’t only change my blog, I also changed my shop brand that I started in 2013, from “Cihudhood_Craft” to this. Yeah it took me years to finally find the perfect name.

If you’re a more simple person that carries yoga mat only to class, I also make yoga mat bags for your yoga mat to keep it clean, easy to carry around and look catchy. If you don’t do yoga, it can also be a good gift for your loved ones! **As a seller, my job is to find 1001 reasons why you have to buy this and give your money to me, lol.

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